A Man of the Community

by BTM

Wed, 09 August 2023

Mohammad Mansoor, A Man of the Community

SAARA Group Founder and Chairman, Mohammad Mansoor, is a veritable whirlwind of ideas and decisiveness. We explore his commendable achievements in business, sport and philanthropy.

Driven by a clear head and a full heart, Mr. Mansoor strives ever forward in his business life and his personal goal of building communities. His passionate belief that everybody deserves a chance can easily be seen in his choices, prior to his meteoric rise to success, and through how he has wielded his growing influence.

Saara Group is a massive Middle Eastern conglomerate headquartered in Bahrain, with ties around the world. It caters to a range of services across verticals and boasts a fine group of Strategic Business Units (SBUs) under its umbrella that it deploys according to the need of each client it works with. The Group’s portfolio includes industrial solutions which deliver construction services with a focus on Petrochemical Plants and Facilities, as well as renting and supplying specialised industrial equipment as well as handling industrial solutions. The Group has highly trained and certified staff capable of offering an unwavering quality of work in any situation. 

Mr. Mansoor has played a key role in bringing a multi-million-dollar investment to India through a US-based Triton EV manufacturing unit as well as a lithium battery plant. Furthermore, a commodity trading subsidiary based in UAE handles Oil and Gas trading as an Aramco and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) vendor. The group’s portfolio also includes the California-based JVKUSA E&P that has placed oil exploration into its roster.

Playing to Win
A passionate sportsman himself, Mr. Mansoor is involved in sports administration as Brave Combat Federation’s Vice President for India and South East Asia, President of KHK Cricket and Bahrain Cricket Federation’s Chairman of the Advisory board. Since its formation, the federation has used its strategic vision to help Bahrain’s men and women teams achieve spectacular success.

His growing influence in international cricket circles is obvious from the fact that the Asian Cricket Council held their Executive Board meeting in the country with ACC President, Jay Shah, and other cricket board chiefs making their first visit to the Kingdom.

He is also the man responsible for bringing one of the most iconic trophies to Bahrain as the Kingdom is a part of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour. In fact, the trophy will be in Bahrain on August 12 and August 13.

It’s an endeavour of mammoth proportions and it could have only been possible with someone who has garnered massive admiration in the sports community and has exceptional organisational skills to get it done. And, as demonstrated with the Bahrain Premier League in 2018, Mr. Mansoor has done it all before. 

Philanthropic Pursuits
As VP of KHK Heroes Foundation, Mr. Mansoor spearheaded the assistance of economically vulnerable communities and expatriates throughout the kingdom during COIVD-19. 

He is closely associated with several reputable expatriate associations in the country and is a board member of the prestigious Bahrain India Society. He has been felicitated for exemplary community work by the BKS and KCA. The most notable among the awards that he has been conferred with, the Hind Ratan Award by the NRI Welfare Society, is his most cherished. 

Growing as a Community
While the SAARA Group of today is a giant amongst regional businesses, the Chairman can think back to a time when he had ideas aplenty but lacked the resources to transform them into a working business. It is this understanding and sympathy that drives him to support multiple startups as a venture capitalist through the Group’s Investment and Project Finance arm. 

The company supports entrepreneurs by providing them not only with funding but also with counsel and experiential advice. Through this department, there is a focused interest in startups in the tech and healthcare fields.