A World-Class Education

by BTM

Sun, 07 May 2023

A World-Class Education at St Christopher’s School Bahrain

With an outstanding global reputation and a 62-year history of being the stepping stone to the world’s top universities, we take a look at why St Christopher’s School Bahrain is the best choice for a successful future.

Led by a team of nearly 400 world-class teachers, faculty and staff, the school is a vibrant educational institution that strives to provide a high-quality education that not only equips its students to achieve their academic goals, but also to comprehend and foster outstanding humanitarian values that connect us all. 

Since its foundation in 1961, St Christopher’s School has come a long way and currently serves more than 2,300 children and young adults aged three to 18, representing a diverse 70 nations, making it one of the most multinational schools in the country. St Chris has placed an immense emphasis on the school’s family community and is thriving through the PTO as well as the large-scale community and cultural events it hosts.

The school has a rich history in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is synonymous with world-class education – a beacon for innovation and excellence in the region. 

St Christopher’s School has been recognised as one of the World’s Top 100 Private Schools by Spear’s School Index and Carfax Education for two consecutive years. Its students have consistently earned top marks in exams and are attending some of the top universities worldwide, including Oxford, Cambridge, University of London, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and MIT.

The school has also achieved the coveted ‘Gold Standard’ – the highest possible ratings in all their school inspections. With a commitment to the positive mental health and wellbeing of the school community, St Christopher’s was delighted to have recently been awarded the highest entry award in the School Mental Health Awards from the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health. Furthermore, St Christopher’s School is recognised as being one of the top international schools in the region.

Multinational organisations are able to attract their best executives to Bahrain because St Christopher’s is able to provide a first-class education for their children. Furthermore, the school’s outreach to the community has benefited both local and expatriate communities over the last 62 years.

Service to others is a key part of life for St Christopher’s students and staff, following the realisation of the mission for ‘An Education for a Shared Humanity’; all students are engaged in service activities and fundraising for local and global charities. In the past few years, St Christopher’s has built schools in Thailand, Nepal and Cambodia and is committed to funding the yearly running costs of these facilities as well as funding the education for several needy students, both locally and abroad.

The school has developed a bespoke curriculum, the Future Ready Curriculum (FRC) – a one-of-a-kind holistic framework that goes beyond just academic preparation. The FRC prepares and equips students with contemporary skills, knowledge, and understanding to ensure success in further education and future careers.

In addition to providing pupils with a world-class education, the school has a rich extra-curricular programme giving students the opportunity to engage in a diverse curriculum of sports, music and drama. The successful development of the school’s extensive extra-curricular programme led to the formation of the St Chris SPARTA Academy, providing the highest quality sports coaching to children of all ages, not just for St Chris children.

It is certainly exciting times for St Christopher’s as its Senior School’s new state-of-the-art campus is currently under construction, which is sure to allow the school to reach even greater heights.