All That Glitters and Gold!

by BTM

Thu, 04 November 2021

All That Glitters and Gold!

The best of jewellery and watched available in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Who doesn’t love exquisite pieces of jewellery? Beauty and elegance are heightened when an outfit is adorned with the right piece of jewellery, and the best part is there isn’t any shortage of beautifully crafted jewellery, watches and more in Bahrain. With plenty to choose from, we focused on three of our favourite brands that pushed the boundaries of craftsmanship, are delicate and dainty too.

Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer, Patek Philippe, introduces a totally new perpetual calendar with an innovative patented one-line display.

The manufacturer has expanded its rich range of calendar watches with the addition of a perpetual calendar that displays the day, date, and month on a single line in an elongated aperture beneath 12 o›clock. This new in-line perpetual calendar premières in an elegant platinum case with a blue dial. To combine this unique feature with crisp legibility and high reliability, the designers developed a new self-winding movement for which three patent applications have been filed. 

Perpetual calendars have been prominently featured in Patek Philippe’s collections since 1925 when it introduced its first wristwatch with the highly elaborate complication.

 Patek Philippe perpetual calendars offer a wide range of design elements with analog or aperture displays and dial configurations. Models with the famous self-winding ultra-thin caliber 240 Q movement can be recognised by their day, date, and month displays in three separate subsidiary dials.

The single-line calendar display with four rotating disks, assuring optimised legibility, minimal energy consumption, and superb reliability. This mechanism alone required 118 additional parts in comparison with a conventional perpetual calendar display, including several bridges and wheels with jewel bearings that reduce energy consumption, especially of the two date disks. 

To implement this masterpiece of miniaturisation, Patek Philippe had to overcome totally new technical challenges. To assure the largest possible calendar display on a single line with optimised legibility, the developers were asked to design a system with two date disks – one for the tens and one for the units. So, the calendar display consists of four disks, one for the day, two for the date, and one for the month – all four perfectly embedded in the same plane. A single date disk with 31 numerals would have been too small and less easily legible. 

For more information on this innovative timepiece, contact the Patek Philippe Boutique at Moda Mall by calling 17 520-055. 

Roberto Coin’s latest collection is a surreal scene full of elements reminiscent of Art Deco architecture. In isolated nature, arches, columns and staircases come together to form the meticulous, poetic frame in which the brand’s collections take absolute center stage. Art Deco, Love in Verona, Princess, Princess Flower, Venetian Princess and Rock and Diamonds take turns as the dazzling central sculpture.

The gold is blazing hot, bathed in the colors of malachite and of black jade and mother of pearl – stones that were already brand icons – in addition to the mystery of blue lapis lazuli, and a new version of Love in Verona with mother of pearl and diamonds surrounded by intensely hued stones, a rainbow that shines on the collection.

Princess Flower belongs to the creative bouquet of Roberto Coin’s Princess family of collections. The flower made of small diamonds that decorates other Princess jewels has been re-elaborated in this collection to become the focal point of each piece. It was a natural evolution for the ornamental flower to grow until it bloomed. 

The corolla displays all of its nuances made of gold and precious stones. The characteristic twisted wire detail is also used here once again in the internal structure of the pieces to create a three-dimensional frame that holds the flower. 

Both the external part of the flower and the internal structure are created with 3D technology to guarantee the perfect proportions of the elements. Then, able craftsmen assemble the jewels, one by one, flower after flower. This special production process makes every flower in the collection the perfect result of balance and care, just like flowers in nature. 
For more information on the exquisite collection, call 17 520-052.

Time waits for no man, and it’s never too late to gift yourself or loved ones a ‘timeless’ accessory from a brand as renowned as Seiko. As the fine Japanese horologist turns 140, it marks the milestone with the unveiling of the latest Grand Seiko – a strikingly beautiful creation powered by a new Spring Drive movement. 

First created in 1960, The Grand Seiko was distinguished for its unique design, leading edge manufacturing and exquisite finishing. Today, its astounding reincarnation commemorates Seiko’s decades of bringing exquisite timepieces to the world.

The watch’s dial is inspired by the calm waters of Lake Suwa that lies close to the Shinshu Watch Studio where the watch is made. Its patterned dial evokes the gentle sway of the water surface of Lake Suwa, with ripples and shallow waves that create a pleasing sparkle at whichever angle the dial catches the light. Combined with the smooth sweeping movement of the seconds hand unique to Spring Drive, the dial captures the tranquil and seamless passage of time. The gold of the seconds hand and the Grand Seiko lettering echo the morning sunrise shimmering on the lake’s surface.

The understated charm and beauty of the watch’s movement reveals the uniquely Japanese aesthetic for which Grand Seiko is renowned. The delicate texture of the movement’s finish reflects the frost that winter brings to the forests in Shinshu where all Spring Drive watches are made. The bridge lines and hole edges are diamond-cut to reflect light from all angles and the jewels and the tempered blue power reserve indicator add a quiet sparkle that is a delight to behold.
This new timepiece is slimmer than any other current automatic Spring Drive creation, thanks to the re-design and re-positioning of the Magic Lever. This Offset Magic Lever is positioned away from the center of the movement to reduce its thickness. The new setting of the hands also contributes to the slender profile of the watch.

The limited-edition line will have only 2,021 masterpieces available worldwide, including at Ambassador Stores in December 2021. Call 17 225-513 for more information.