Industry-Leading Standards

by BTM

Thu, 02 July 2020

Industry-Leading Standards

Kumar Ashwani, GM of Asdal Gulf Inn (AGI), explains the procedures he has put in place.

Have you had any guests staying during the pandemic and, if yes, what measures have been taken to keep them and your staff safe?
Yes, we at AGI are so grateful that some of our valued guests are continuously patronising our hotel even in the time of the pandemic. To ensure the safety of our guests and colleagues, we put in place all possible measures of hygiene and cleanliness to prioritise their health and well-being. In addition, the AGI ensures the implementation all detailed measures complying with the World Health Organisation and Ministry of Health guidelines.

We are maintaining meticulous hygiene and housekeeping standards as we are committed to being an industry leader when it comes to the safety and welfare of our guests and colleagues.

Have you launched any new takeaway/delivery options in your restaurants or other services?
Yes, we cater to our regular clients and also promote takeaway. Our location leads to a demand to serve coffee and muffins as a great way to start the day.

How are you preparing for the reopening of spas and restaurants? 
As previously mentioned, the AGI ensures its compliance with the Ministry of Health directives and part of this is making an action plan, supplementary SOPs (standard operating procedures) and training. In fact, our food and beverage team is conducting regular practice sessions to have effective execution of procedures which ensure the safety of both guests and colleagues. These include training and actual demonstrations, physical distancing guidelines and implementation of measures to physically separate workers and customers by at least two metres such as providing sufficient space, floor markings, coloured tape or signs to guide the guests where to stay or wait. They are also instructed on observation of guests’ health conditions, implementation of peak-period queuing procedures and the limitation of the number of customers/guests at a single table.

However, we are also waiting guidelines from Ministry of Industry Commerce and Tourism