Bahrain Emerges As A Market Option For Medical Tourism

by BTM

Sun, 06 March 2022

Rohit Srivastava, CEO of Royal Hospital for Women and Children

Annually, millions of patients travel from countries with no or less advanced healthcare infrastructure in a specific department to countries that offer highly specialised healthcare – a practice known commonly as Medical Tourism.

This has given rise to a robust global medical tourism market that was worth over USD37 billion in 2019. Patients travel to countries for various medical procedures ranging from cosmetic surgery and dental work to orthopedic procedures. Patient Beyond Borders estimated that over 20 million people will travel abroad for medical treatment this year, up 25 percent from 16 million last year.

Since 2021, the Royal Hospital for Women and Children (RHWC) has received hundreds of patients from across the GCC for medical procedures, mainly plastic surgery. 

“We have an international team with Dr. Paulo Hypacio from Brazil as Head of the Plastic Surgery Department, Dr. Adrew Ordon acclaimed surgeon from Beverly Hills - USA; Dr. Sanjay Parashar based in UAE; Dr. Karl Jallad and Dr. Matteo Vigo from Italy. In addition, our team of visiting doctors is expanding, with doctors from countries like Lebanon and Egypt visiting soon,” says Rohit Srivastava, CEO of RHWC.

Plastic surgery is not just the surgery itself; it is a consensus among surgeons that the result of a surgery depends on several factors, including the postoperative follow-up. “RHWC should be considered as state-of-the-art in plastic surgery since it has an infrastructure that allows the doctor to perform the surgery in the best conditions and for the patient to have a comfortable postoperative follow-up,” says Brazilian Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paulo Hypacio.

“Unfortunately, in some parts of the world that receive visiting doctors, there is no plastic surgeon to do the postoperative follow-up, bringing insecurity to the patient. However, at RHWC, patients who undergo procedures with visiting doctors are sure that they will have quality follow-up with a plastic surgeon,” says Dr. Hypacio.

Aside from patients visiting from other countries, Bahrain’s citizens have the opportunity to have access to the best of doctors and treatments without the need to travel abroad. “We receive many citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia for procedures including Botox, fillers, skin booster and HIFU,”, says Specialist of Dermatology, Dr. Shaily Tharanth.

Highlighting RHWC’s position as a pioneer of Bahrain’s medical tourism, Mr. Srivastava says: “Promoting medical tourism is among our primary focuses and we are proud to be the first hospital in Bahrain to take this initiative. This is just the beginning. Our vision of making Bahrain a hub for medical tourism goes a long way.”