British Preparatory School (BPS) Saar | Nurturing Future Leaders

by BTM

Sun, 07 May 2023

If you are a parent looking for a high-quality education for your child in Bahrain, the British Preparatory School (BPS) in Saar is an exceptional option. Not only does BPS offer a top-tier British curriculum, it also has a special connection with the British Embassy. 

Since its establishment in 2008, BPS has nurtured a special bond with the British Embassy, becoming a hub for cultural celebrations and charity fundraisers. The school was inaugurated by the then British Ambassador to Bahrain, HE Jamie Bowden, and has since marked important milestones with the presence of British Ambassadors.

This year, as BPS celebrated its 15th anniversary, the British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, HE Roddy Drummond, joined Principal Jasmine Smith. “15 years of the British Preparatory School Bahrain. Amazing children, gifted staff and smart facilities. A small school with a big heart,” HE said on the occasion. 

BPS places great emphasis on developing young children’s awareness of the world beyond their immediate surroundings, providing a unique opportunity for its young students to broaden their horizons and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

The school’s strategic partnerships have enabled it to leverage the expertise of the British education systems and professionals, allowing BPS to deliver a high-quality education that meets international standards. At the core of BPS’s educational philosophy is a commitment to providing the best possible foundation for its children. The school’s curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and British National Curriculum, and its teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential. 

What sets BPS apart from other schools is its focus on making learning fun. From the moment children set foot in the school, they are greeted with bright, colourful yet calming classrooms that are designed to inspire creativity and curiosity. The school’s dedicated team of teachers are passionate about making learning enjoyable, and they use a range of teaching methods to engage children and keep them interested.

“Allowing children to think creatively and critically from a young age is the key to nurturing future leaders. BPS is an early learning centre where children, from 18 months to six years old, can learn through exploration and discovery,” says Mrs. Smith. ”BPS is a place the children can feel safe and happy, only then can true learning happen.” 

Through their partnership with Royal Life Saving Bahrain, BPS helps raise awareness about life saving skills and water safety. In addition, all the teachers are First Aid practitioners. BPS offers a range of opportunities to help build core muscle strength and develop good motor skills as physical activity is considered to be just as important as academic development. Children can also enjoy a wonderful indoor soft play area.

 Through a focus on character development, children also learn the importance of respect, responsibility, and resilience. They are encouraged to think critically, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively with others. 

On the occasion of the coronation of King Charles III, BPS reflects on its commitment to building strong relationships between the UK and Bahrain over the years. The school remembers, with fondness, the letter received from the late Queen Elizabeth II thanking the children for their Jubilee wishes. 

BPS is the perfect choice for parents who want their children to thrive both academically and personally. Who knows? Maybe one day, one of BPS’s children will become a diplomat or ambassador themselves!