Crowning Glory!

by BTM

Sun, 06 March 2022

Dr. Mukesh Jivanprakash Batra of the Middle East Hospital

The stigma against cosmetic procedures has been all but eradicated in the modern day, and with it has come a plethora of opportunities for people to boost their confidence and image. Kristian Harrison spoke to Dr. Mukesh Jivanprakash Batra of the Middle East Hospital about the benefits of personal surgery.

Dr. Mukesh Batra is a dermatologist, cosmetologist and hair transplant surgeon with extensive training at Ailesbury Hair Clinic. After five years of practicing in the Kingdom, he is welcoming potential clients who are seeking cosmetic procedures to take a leap of faith and change their life for the better.

“The most common procedures clients look for are Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Fillers, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), Hair Transplants and Facial Rejuvenations by Laser, HIFU or Chemical Peels ,” he says.

“In particular, we’re seeing an increasing number of people who wish to undertake a hair transplant. This is where a surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head, usually from the back or side of the head to the front or top. It is a day care procedure done under local anaesthesia.”

Success of the operation depends on various factors such as strength of the donor area, stage of baldness and the skills of the operating doctor. A successful hair transplant boosts your appearance and self-confidence. Good candidates, according to Dr. Batra, include men with male pattern baldness, women with thinning hair and anyone from either sex who has lost some hair from a burn or scalp injury.

Previously, people who wanted to undergo this procedure had to travel abroad. Now, however, it is easily accessible in the Kingdom.

“Initially, when I started practicing in Bahrain people would prefer to travel to Turkey for the procedure,” says Dr. Batra. “Now, this perception has changed with many realising the challenges one faces after surgery. It’s always better to do surgery in your home country as you are at peace that the doctor is available when required. The results take up to one year, and during this time patients go through a lot of stress as nothing is seen during the initial months. 

Dr. Mukesh Jivanprakash Batra of the Middle East Hospital “So for this reason, every patient who does a transplant at our centre is given a one-year consultation absolutely free. We make sure all the queries and doubts that patients have during this period are addressed properly.

“A hair transplant is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure for most the patients. Choose your doctor and clinic wisely. Don’t get fooled by false guarantees or claims of the ‘latest technology’. It is a medical procedure and should be approached in the same way as any other.”