Educating the Masses

by BTM

Tue, 04 April 2023

Bahrain education in 1975

Education is undoubtedly a cornerstone and development indicator; not only for individuals but also for nations. 

The Kingdom of Bahrain has always considered education to be of the highest importance and has the oldest public education system in the Arabian Peninsula. In fact, the first public school of Bahrain, Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifia Boys School, was established in Muharraq in 1919. A second public school for boys opened up in the capital city of Manama In 1926 followed by the first public school for girls two years later.

Nearly 100 years later, the Kingdom of Bahrain has a vibrant offering of public and private schools and universities, and several curricula to mould the minds of the youth and lead them on a prosperous path.

This month, we are proud to present our education feature which highlights 11 of Bahrain’s finest private education institutions from kindergarten through to universities. Here is an insight into the ethos, function and objectives behind some of these leading establishments, their range of facilities and, most importantly, the curricula and programmes available to students.