Education Beyond the Classroom

by BTM

Tue, 05 September 2023

Education Beyond the Classroom

With an outstanding global reputation and a history of being the stepping stone to the world’s top universities, St Christopher’s School Bahrain needs no introduction. However, what it also offers outside of a world-class education shows why it is the best choice for a successful future.

St Christopher’s firmly believes in an all-round education where academic pursuits are supported by expansive extra-curricular opportunities. 

The school’s wide-ranging programme of activities, societies, events and trips allow pupils to find alternative avenues of interest to explore and enjoy. By involving the pupils in this rich programme, it is hoped that their enjoyment of school life will be enhanced and personal skills developed. 

There is a history of pupils developing a long-lasting interest and enthusiasm for their activities, continuing on to more advanced levels as they progress through and beyond the school. ECAs, therefore, make an important contribution to the all-round education that St Christopher’s provides. The rich extra-curricular programme gives pupils the opportunity to engage in art, sport, music, drama and community service. 

The successful development of the school’s extensive extra-curricular programme led to the formation of the St Christopher’s SPARTA Academy providing high quality sports coaching to children of all ages, not just for St Christopher’s children, with more than 900 participants currently enrolled in SPARTA activities.

St Christopher’s boasts exceptional facilities including the latest generation, FIFA Standard artificial grass football pitch as well as a fully shaded seven-a-side pitch. The heated and chilled air-conditioned indoor pool is the ideal setting for those learning to swim or looking to improve their technique and has space for parents to sit in comfort and watch their child progress. Furthermore, it features an exceptional gymnastics and dance programme with internationally-recognised and decorated coaches.

St Christopher’s sports teams compete and win local and regional competitions in football, volleyball, athletics and swimming annually, even breaking records!

Dramatic and musical performances, whether they are formal or informal, theatrical or musical, competitive or for entertainment purposes, all help to demonstrate and deepen the creative heart and soul of St Christopher’s. Each year, the school hosts two large-scale drama productions and several musical concerts and competitions, which draw in huge audiences. Last year, hundreds of students were involved in performances of We Will Rock You and Oliver as students aged 10 to 18 were part of the cast and crew. To complement this, each phase of the school aims to provide a wide variety of performance opportunities through a planned programme of assemblies, concerts, cantatas and productions throughout the school year.

The school leads the region in musical opportunities for its students, enabling its students to pursue their ambitions and talents to a professional competitive level. St Chris boasts an astounding 70-piece Symphony Orchestra and a 300-member School Choir, the only school in the region to have a symphony orchestra of such depth and quality.

Furthermore, it is St Christopher’s innovation in music, having created the Young Musicians of the Gulf (YMoG) 25 years ago, and the St Christopher’s Music Festival, that sets St Christopher’s apart from other schools, not just in Bahrain, but in the region. Through a multitude of performance opportunities, national and regional competitions, international cultural concert trips, and our award-winning music teaching staff, St Christopher’s is the leading school for music in Bahrain.

The Arts are also strongly supported at St Christopher’s. Many students complete extra-curricular courses and are strongly supported by Summer Schools, internships and online courses to strengthen their portfolios. This is in addition to several specialty activities which students of all ages enjoy at St. Christopher’s.