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by BTM

Thu, 06 August 2020

vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School

Hotel and Tourism Business School

Founded in Paris, France 40 years ago, Vatel is a well-established group of 50 colleges in 32 countries, with a network of 9,000 students and 35,000 alumni.  Vatel won the coveted Forbes Higher Education Award, and Best Hospitality Management School at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in 2019.

Vatel College in Bahrain, which operates under the patronage of the Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority, offers a Bachelor’s degree in International Hotel Management with all programmes taught in English.  The 4-year management-focused degree prepares students for rapid progress into local and international managerial positions, and is accredited by the Ministry of Education.  Vatel graduates are additionally awarded a French State Level 6 degree from the National Repertory of Professional Certifications recognised throughout Europe.  

Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School in BahrainTheir unique teaching method is based on a balance of weeks of theoretical courses followed by weeks of professional experience, so students can immediately apply what they have learned.  Students begin practical training in Year 1 which continues throughout their degree.  All Vatel students undertake internships overseas, and students here have the option to begin their studies in Bahrain and study a year abroad at any of their other 50 campuses worldwide.

The modules within this degree allow students to develop their skills, and provides them with a global understanding so that they can go on to specialise in their chosen field.  These graduates can then excel in traditional hospitality sectors, apart from private banking, consulting, education, healthcare, luxury brands, tourism management, events, sports, entertainment, airlines etc.  The positions Vatel’s students go into are just as diverse as the industries: sales, business development, marketing, project management, HR, consulting, brokerage, revenue management, public relations, and more.  Graduates of Vatel are also known to be highly employable as they have at least 2 years of relevant work experience gained during their studies.

For more information on Vatel, call 33661115 or visit www.vatel.bh


The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) is the first purpose-built, American-style University in the Kingdom of Bahrain, supported through the Mumtalakat portfolio. The AUBH quality of American-style education mirrors that of the best universities in the United States. AUBH currently offers seven undergraduate degree programs across three colleges: Business & Management, Multimedia & Design and Engineering. AUBH focuses on STEM programs, student-centeredness and a holistic student experience. Highlights of their programs include:

The American University of BahrainBachelor of Science in Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering and its application across all industries is changing the way we experience life and is evolving rapidly. AUBH wants to place students at the forefront of the telecommunications, networks, and electronics industries. Graduates can go on to a multitude of technical and professional careers in a broad array of sectors. This four-year undergraduate program produces Computer Engineering graduates who will be able to work collaboratively and adapt to the constant changes in industry. 

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering: Ideal for the inventors and innovators among us, this degree can be applied in leadership roles across a multitude of sectors anywhere in the world. Aerospace, architecture, automotive, machinery, artificial intelligence, healthcare – the sky is the limit with this practical and multi-faceted program. This four-year undergraduate program produces Industrial Engineering graduates who will integrate science, engineering, and socio-economic disciplines, and go on to lead within the engineering knowledge sector.

For more information on AUBH, call 7799 9997 or visit


The BIBF is a semi-government training institute, affiliated with the Central Bank of Bahrain, and educational provider across all major business disciplines. It plays a vital role in the training and development of human capital in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Gulf region, the wider Middle East and North Africa. As a partner to numerous world-class institutions, BIBF delivers Thought Leadership, Assessment and Training in the areas of Banking, Islamic Finance, Executive Development, Accounting & Finance, Academic Studies, Leadership & Management, Insurance, Information Technology and Communication, Project Management and Supply Chain Management; resulting in a complete business solution.

the bahrain institute of banking and finance (bibf)The Centre for Academic Studies works in partnership with international universities and other organisations to bring world-class academic degrees to the Kingdom of Bahrain. The BIBF International Foundation Programme for high school leavers wishing to pursue a British degree is recognised by UK NARIC as equivalent to A-Levels and the IB Diploma. At the undergraduate level the BIBF works with Bangor University and the University of London to bring internationally renowned Bachelor’s degrees in the areas of Banking, Accounting, Finance, Islamic Finance, Economics and Management. The BIBF graduates have an excellent track record of employment and career progression in Bahrain’s banking and financial sectors and remain the graduates of choice for employers in the Kingdom. At the postgraduate level, the BIBF works with top business schools in the United States and the United Kingdom to bring to Bahrain world-class Master’s programmes in Business Administration and Human Resources.

For further information, please contact the BIBF Academics Centre on 17815555 or visit www.bibf.com/academics