Engineering Excellence

by BTM

Sun, 07 May 2023

Applied Science University Bahrain

Applied Science University (ASU) is one of Bahrain’s leading universities, forging a glowing reputation across the region. Of particular renown is its College of Engineering, which offers distinct programmes allowing students to study an internationally-recognised UK degree course through its partnership with London South Bank University (LSBU).

Jumana Husain Ali
Level 4 (2nd year)  
B.Eng. (Hons) Civil Engineering

I chose to study Civil Engineering at ASU because I get to graduate with a British degree without studying abroad and being around my family in Bahrain. It also gives me an advantage when finding a career or to be prepared for graduate school. My favourite part of this programme is how it encourages us to go out and get the physical experience that we need, with multiple site visits where we can meet like-minded students who share the same passion and challenge each other. 

ASU has a very strong connection with LSBU and engineering firms in the UK. That was seen during the Covid-19 pandemic as we had online meetings with LSBU global representatives and interactive sessions. 

The stereotype of STEM not being a women’s field, and being predominantly run by men, is changing. I can see the awareness in the Bahraini community and how women are becoming leaders. ASU provides all the needed support to train us and let us face real life challenges. As a woman, I know I am capable to compete in the market and stand out. 

Amna Salman AlNashaba 
Level 6 (4th year) – Graduate 

B.Eng. (Hons) Architectural Design Engineering

ASU’s engineering college follows a British curriculum, which is a great opportunity to gain a high-quality education in Bahrain. My favourite part of the Architectural Engineering programme is the diverse range of subjects we have studied, which includes not only architectural design but also structural design, geotechnics, innovation and more.

With the assistance of my professors, I had the opportunity to choose where I wanted to gain work experience and I completed four months with Cebarco even after completing my module assignments. 

At ASU, more than 60 percent of the engineering students are women. As a woman in this field, I am very proud to see that so many capable women are pursuing their education and careers in engineering in Bahrain, which enables them to access high-quality education and training that can help them succeed in their careers. These opportunities can help break down barriers for women in male-dominated fields such as engineering and can inspire and motivate other women to pursue similar paths.

Sayed Ayman Mahfoodh
Level 6 (4th year) – Graduate 

B.Eng. (Hons) Civil and Construction Engineering

My favourite modules are design-based, such as structural design and analysis of concrete, steel, foundation and geotechnical engineering which cover international and local codes and calculations, and also the modules that have BIM applications such as AutoDesk REVIT. We as students are considered as if we were studying in the UK; and I think it is a beneficial point for us if we want to continue our studies there.

During the summer semester we had an internship module, which I did at NASS Contracting, and this gave me a lot of experience in the engineering field, especially in site inspection. I interacted with skilled and experienced engineers for one month in various large-scale projects.

Ahmed Ebrahim Zuhair 
Level 5 (3rd year)  

B.Eng. (Hons) Architectural Engineering

ASU is in a great location with professional staff, and the programme just appealed to me since it offers the mix of study between theory and real-life practical applications, which covers the major I am interested in.  

The programme offers internship experience in the engineering field from various government and private companies which are involved heavily in the engineering field in Bahrain, which again is another reason why ASU is the best place in Bahrain to study engineering.