Evergreen Environmentalism

by BTM

Sun, 05 June 2022

Environment Arabia Consultancy Services and Reef Arabia are Bahraini companies operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain, owned and managed by a Bahraini Environmental Specialist, Mrs. Halel Engineer. 

Environment Arabia Consultancy Services and Reef Arabia were established in 2001, with a mission to assist its clients to achieve sustainable development, through providing the highest quality environmental services. Today, the Company is listed as a Grade A Environmental Consultancy by Bahrain’s Supreme Council for Environment (SCE).

Environment Arabia has been at the forefront of environmental sustainability, serving the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Middle East region and working with some of the largest global companies and clients, and investing in outstanding environmental specialists and marine experts who provide an unmatched service, making it one of the few environmental consultancies with a fully equipped team, marine equipment and vessels in the Gulf.

It delivers high quality environmental consultancy services to a wide spectrum of businesses and industries, including: government, oil and gas, petrochemicals, ports and maritime, power generation, land reclamation and dredging, wastewater treatment, steel and aluminium manufacture, civil infrastructure, transportation systems, waste management infrastructure, etc.

A broad range of services are offered, including: Environmental & Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs),  environmental management plans, Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessments (HSEIA), environmental auditing, assessment and modelling of air emissions, greenhouse gas emissions assessment, assessment and modelling of noise emissions, marine ecological and coral reef surveys, marine impact assessment, waste management assessment and planning, ecological impact assessment, soil and groundwater contamination, assessment and remediation, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) customised training and workshops, compliance and transformation.

Reef Arabia was established in 2012 as a complimentary line of business to EACS, following a government initiative to deploy more than 2600 artificial reef units around the waters of Bahrain.

With its mission to protect and enhance marine life by using innovative and effective artificial reef designs, products and solutions, Reef Arabia is the region’s first provider of a wide range of artificial reef units, including both licensed Reef Ball units and the Company’s own patented design - the Majfara unit.

Reef Arabia offers a range of services, from design and deployment of artificial reef units to more extensive consultations on projects, such as site selection and monitoring. It is the only company in the Arabian Gulf that operates a full-time, fully equipped manufacturing facility with professionally trained staff capable of supplying a diverse range of quality artificial reef units to anywhere in the region. It is also the only artificial reef company that has a fulltime professional environmental team alongside its reef unit manufacturing facility and vessels. The team has more than 20 years’ experience supporting clients to navigate through the complete process of site selection, reef design, permit applications, consultations, deployment, and monitoring.

Both Environment Arabia & Reef Arabia support the continued education and development in the Kingdom of Bahrain by regularly holding educational sessions with local schools and interested parties and organisations seeking to further their knowledge on current environmental and sustainability matters. The Companies are recognised for their work and have been presented with multiple certificates and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) awards. 

With rising popularity in the Middle East region, both EACS and Reef Arabia’s services maintain a focus on high quality and dedication, working tirelessly to deliver projects and help industries and businesses to achieve sustainable development wherever they choose to operate.