Festival First for Indian Film

by BTM

Sun, 29 July 2018

Festival First for Indian Film

Director Soukarya Ghosal’s 2018 Bengali drama, Rainbow Jelly, made its Bahrain debut recently at the Summer Festival.

The movie tells of the trials endured by a young boy and his personal fight against them. Rated 9.2 on imdb, this film features a special child, a grumpy uncle and a fairy aunt. 

The director brilliantly explores boyhood through Ghoton, the protagonist, played by child artiste Mahabrata Basu. Merging together fantasy and reality, local and global, Rainbow Jelly is the first food fantasy film in Bengali cinema. 

This is the first Indian film to be screened at Bahrain Summer Festival and Soukarya Ghosal, in a Facebook post, referred to its inclusion as a “kingly gesture”.