Fostering Female Leaders

by BTM

Tue, 04 April 2023

Fostering Female Leaders in Bahrain

The Royal University for Women (RUW) has forged a reputation as a leading private provider of quality education tailored to the learning styles of women. The establishment has a long history of empowering students to seamlessly join the world of work with its broad portfolio of programmes in highly sought after disciplines such as Law, Business, Engineering, Technology and Art and Design. 

RUW is dedicated to fostering and spreading the concept of entrepreneurship among its students in order to create a generation of responsible, creative and innovative women in a variety of fields. Aligned with the Bahrain Vision 2030, the initiatives RUW adopts are driven by its belief in the significance of entrepreneurship for the economic development of nations and the role of universities as key partners in creating an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation among young people.

RUW offers courses specialising in entrepreneurship, where students are taught each step of the business development cycle from idea formation to actual implementation with clear links to the realities of the market. The projects are evaluated by industry experts who offer practical advice for improvement. At the postgraduate level, the College of Business Administration and Law at RUW offers an MBA programme with a bespoke entrepreneurship and marketing track, which prepares students for excellence in the field.

The RUW Entrepreneurship Club allows students from all colleges and levels to implement their entrepreneurial ideas supported by the academic expertise available within the university. Furthermore, RUW maintain close contact with more than 1,500 graduates through the Office for Alumni to ensure that graduates can keep up with the demands of global labour markets and to track the success stories of RUW Ambassadors in various sectors.

RUW students also compete internationally and have won several competitions at the INJAZ Young Entrepreneurship Company competition, organised by INJAZ Bahrain on the national level and INJAZ Arabs on the regional level, as well as being shortlisted in the Hope Fund Hackathon, Bidaya Initiative and Startup competitions. 
RUW is committed to educational excellence and believes that a university degree is a transformational experience which will enable its students to be the “next generation of female leaders.”