Global Education With A Holistic Approach

by BTM

Sat, 06 August 2022

Global Education With A Holistic Approach

Located in Diyar al Muharraq, offering a 21st-century curriculum with high academic standards, the Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) offers the British Columbia (BC), Canada curriculum from Nursery to Grade 8. The school’s philosophy is to provide global education with a holistic approach, focusing on developing the child’s core competencies of communications, and creative and critical thinking while developing positive personal and cultural identity.

BC Curriculum and Personalised Learning
CSB offers the British Columbia (BC), Canada curriculum - an internationally renowned education programme of the highest standard. The BC Curriculum teaches students by fostering a lifelong love of learning by offering a balanced, concept and inquiry-based approach that is student-centred. 

The programme focuses on personalised learning by enhancing student engagement in learning and giving students choices — more of a say in what and how they learn — leading to lifelong, self-directed learning.  Students and teachers develop learning plans to build on students’ interests, goals, and learning needs. Involving students in reflecting on their work and setting new goals based on their reflections allows them to take more control of their learning. Personalised learning also encompasses place-based learning, where learning experiences are adapted to the local environment or an individual context.

Life Skills Programmes
In line with its inquiry-based learning method and holistic approach, the school has been conducting various life skill programmes and workshops for the students. The life skills programmes expose students to something new that they can learn from while having fun and being creative simultaneously preparing to be future-ready.

Junior Banking Programme
The Junior Banking programme is a one-of-a-kind hands-on learning programme in collaboration with Al Salam Bank which aims to develop financial literacy and vital life skills for students. The life skill programme provides students with hands-on experience and develops their financial literacy skills from a young age, setting a solid foundation for a brighter future, embedding a heightened awareness of financial responsibility, and equipping students with core life skills in the likes of the basics of money management and healthy saving habits.

Coding with Scratch Workshop
A collaboration with INJAZ Bahrain is a coding from scratch software workshop for Grade 6 students. With the purpose of teaching students basic coding which they used to create animations, short stories, and creative videos using their literacy, numeracy, and creative thinking skills. 

Junior iCamp Programme
Hosted by INJAZ Bahrain, the Junior iCamp workshop fosters Grade 5 students’ spirit of entrepreneurship. The principle of learning by doing, helped them to learn how to work with deadlines and collaborate to solve problems, and delegate responsibility.

Canadian School Bahrain currently offers schooling from Nursery to Grade 8 with registrations ongoing. Call 66 644-234 for more information.