How to avoid high utility bills

by Maheen Yasir

Wed, 09 October 2019

Due to the rising cost of EWA in Bahrain here are a few ideas and tips to cut down the bills.


  1. LEDs use at least 75 percent less energy. Save electricity by using led bulbs.
  2. Utilize daylight and switch off all the lights during day time.
  3. Unplug all the electronic devices and switch off all the lights when not in use.
  4. Using a ceiling fan can make a room feel 10 degrees cooler fan uses just 10 percent of the energy that a central air conditioner does. Using fans at night after the room is cooled down by the A/C unit.
  5. Run the A/C power on 24 -25-degree Celcius.


  1. Use less detergent to wash your clothes or  dishes.
  2. Don’t leave the water tap running while applying soap, shampoo or brushing your teeth.
  3. Immerse sealed and filled water bottles in the flush tank to save the amount of water used.
  4. An average of 120 liters of water can be wasted due to a dripping faucet repair any damaged pipe or tap.

Apart from the above, we can install solar panels to our roof which can be used to run devices and lights. Also, conserve and recover rainwater. This water can be used for different purposes. Educating the kids and house help to consume less water and electricity will help lower down the billing cost.