Inquiry based learning at Canadian School Bahrain

by BTM

Thu, 03 February 2022

Abby Saadeh, Canadian School Bahrain Principal

The Canadian School Bahrain is a fine example of the wide variety of schools and curriculums Bahrain offers its citizens and residents. Located in Diyar Al-Muharraq, it offers the curriculum of British Columbia, Canada, in a world class facility.

The Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) strives to provide students an excellent education with high academic standards through the teaching of the British Columbia, Canada Curriculum. This unique curriculum includes all British Columbia courses and Arabic language studies, Bahraini Social Studies and Citizenship classes, and Islamic studies. It has been approved by both the Ministry of Education in British Columbia, Canada and the Ministry of Education in Bahrain. 

CSB differs from other schools by way of its inquiry-based approach to learning, which is an all-encompassing concept that involves investigating, problem solving, active exploration and hands-on learning that engages students to the fullest. 

Inquiry based learning engages students in their lessons which helps them to foster a deeper understanding of what they have learnt and to make key connections to previous learning as well as future learning. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge to real life situations and problem solve together, focusing on the school’s Core Competencies: Communication, Collaboration, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Responsibility. 

School principal Ms. Abby Saadeh graduated from the Masters of Teaching Program at the University of Calgary, Canada. She has 22 years of experience in education and has been the principal at CSB since its opening in September 2019. “At CSB, students are prepared for an ever-changing future, guided to be engaged thinkers, ethical citizens and to have an entrepreneurial ethos; graduates will continue to think critically, make observations; use technology to learn, innovate, discover and communicate ideas with others in a collaborative environment and be life-long learners,” she says. 

CSB’s students graduate with a Dogwood Diploma, which is amongst the best in national and international academic assessments, that allows them to apply to any university worldwide. They are enabled to use and apply the skills and competencies that they have learnt to engage and interact in any learning and/or professional environment. 

The school campus is equipped with Science and Home Economics labs, Art and Music rooms, library learning commons, multipurpose spaces, a canteen, sports gymnasium and football field. Plans are in the pipeline for an auditorium, swimming pool and full-fledged middle and high school state-of-the-art facilities.

Students currently enjoy after-school football and basketball training, and as the campus expands in the next academic year, the swimming pool will be open for students. Classes for coding, robotics, cooking, and arts and crafts will also be offered in the future.  

Meaningful use of technology within the classrooms is an integral part of the school program, as it allows students to find innovative means of communicating their knowledge, while also leading their own research and gathering findings to enhance their learning. Students have one-on-one access to iPads in grades 4 and up, allowing them to record, create and develop digital presentations. With the use of technology, CSB students have the opportunity to showcase their learning and personalities through a variety of digital formats. 

Students benefit from the faculty of the school, that is dedicated to developing them into world citizens who are confident in their culture, empowering them to achieve academic excellence through nurturing moral values of integrity, responsibility, respect and courage.