Perfect Imperfections

by BTM

Thu, 22 November 2018

Perfect Imperfections

Ladies, up the glam factor this festive season with elegant and chic timepieces from Titan.

Inspired by nature’s most unique elements, ‘I am’ is a new collection under Titan’s Raga series. Designed to exemplify the innate beauty of the Raga woman, this range brings to life the most exclusive and elemental designs from the natural world.

Nature is unpredictably asymmetric and misshaped, yet magnificently and inherently beautiful. An ode to the free-spirited, independent and resilient woman, the ‘I am’ collection from Raga applauds women who are true to themselves, urging them to celebrate what makes them distinctively charming.

The ‘I am’ collection showcases nine styles that comprise 15 different designs with elegant, complementary bracelets that accessorise the ensemble.

Intricate geometric patterns form a part of nature, and this watch is inspired by extraordinary natural creations – crystal. The two brilliantly designed pieces under this model come with domed mineral glass, adorned with four Swarovski crystals and a sunray-finished dial.

Inspired by rare crystals found in nature, this model boasts uniquely designed indices and a mother-of-pearl dial. The two gloss-finished watches in this category are designed with domed mineral glass to display two baguette-cut and several tiny crystals, all from Swarovski.

The astonishing splendour of the world around us is captured in every detail of these satin metal-finish watches that have a dazzling mother-of-pearl dial and Swarovski crystal indices. Inspired by glistening snow and stalactites, they are designed using several tiny Swarovski crystals and 18 Swarovski baguette-cut crystals.

These beauties are a striking blend of free spirit, independence and resolve. The bracelet features a delicate brushed finish, drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty of dandelions. An unorthodox stone-edged case and domed mineral glass augment the marvel of these timepieces.

This is a striking specimen of sophistication that brings to life the graceful asymmetry of natural stones. Featuring oval- and baguette-cut Swarovski cystals, and a luminescent marble-inspired dial, the design ups the ante with a reimaged fabric strap.

Inspired by rocky layers formed over time, this masterpiece pays homage to the ones who dare to go against all odds. The twin-tone etched armlet showcases the detailed, layered patterns of rock formations. The domed mineral glass complements the meticulously inundated dial in this gorgeous piece.

These stunning pieces are symbolic of the fiery passion from which stems magnificence, much like the unpredictable forces of nature. The bracelet features an asymmetric Swarovski crystal that sits under intricate interlocking patterns.

This vision in rose gold embodies nature’s innate ability to create one-of-a-kind marvels, a befitting ode to individualism. The chic panache of the irregularly-shaped ring beautifully contrasts the perfect round dial. A Swarovski crystal charm and flawless mother-of-pearl dial elegantly sums up the unique look of the watch.

A tribute to the beauty and resilience of transformation, this model is inspired by frozen formations in icy caverns. It also has a complementing bracelet featuring four spectacular Swarovski baguette-cut crystals. It is available in two variants: rose gold and gold plating.

Titan watches are available at Kewalram & Sons Titan Boutique showroom at Bab Al Bahrain, Manama.

Call 17 210-982.