Love in the Time of - Covid 19 - Stay Safe

by BTM

Sun, 07 February 2021

Love in the Time of - Covid 19 - Stay Safe

Valentine’s Day can be a bit typical in the sense of how we celebrate, but 2020 and this year too are far from typical, which means that COVID-19 has definitely thrown a wrench in the works. Does it mean you can’t celebrate the one day a year that’s solely dedicated to love?  No. Does that mean your Valentine’s Day can’t be special? Absolutely not. We’ve come up with seven ways in which you can make your Valentine’s Day special, while staying safe, and truly make it a day to remember!

Have Your Flowers Delivered Straight to Your Door
What would Valentine’s Day be without flowers? It just wouldn’t feel right… but, naturally, you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a crowded shop at a time like this. So, tap into a bit of premium convenience with the online floristry- Floward where everything is put together safely with all necessary precautions in place. You can just pop onto their website and pick one of their stunning arrangements and get them delivered straight to your valentine’s door. To add to the convenience, Floward has curated a range of stunning packages which could also include high-end perfumes, yummy chocolates, bags, cosmetics and more as gift options, all beautifully put together with an aesthetic arrangement of flowers. To place your order, visit www.floward.com

Enjoy a Romantic Getaway with a Brew!
Alternatively, if you’d like to gift a hug in a cup, check out Nespresso’s new World Explorations collection which has six distinct brews. You can’t travel around the world this Valentine’s, but you can order the World Explorations sleeves online and have them delivered straight to your door! Frankly, we quite love that option.
Visit www.buynespresso.com for more information.

Treat Each Other with a Surprise Gift
A gift doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but perhaps it could be timeless! We’ve been eyeing the range of watches at Ambassador Stores, so be sure to take a look.
Check out @ambassadorstores on Instagram for more information.

Enjoy a Hearty Meal at Bambudha!
Indoor dining is off the books once again, in light of the recent developments with COVID-19, but that won’t stop you from being able to book a lovely meal out with your significant other. Bambudha by David and Anne in Juffair has a lovely outdoor seating area and follows all the necessary precautions to keep diners safe. The best part is there’s no shortage of delicious food including their Katsu Chicken, Korean Bulgogi, Citrus Honey-Garlic Shrimp and more! To book your table, call 17 100-188.

Book Yourself a Staycation at Ramee Grand
If you’d like a change of scene, you can book yourself a room at Ramee Grand for an attractive price and enjoy some rest and relaxation with your loved one in the heart of the city. The property offers beautiful views of the city and you can probably enjoy some time by the pool too!
Call 17 111-999 for more information.

Order in Some Delicious Indian Food
There’s not a doubt in our mind that you can get some of the best Indian food at Lanterns. So why not order in an amazing spread of mouth-watering tandoori chicken, curries, freshly made naan and perhaps some Rasmalai to end things on a sweet note? Call 17 250-999 for more information.

Curl Up on the Couch and Watch a Movie
Turn the lights down, get some snacks and enjoy a nice movie with your valentine. Just because you can’t go to the cinema, doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the same feeling at home. You’ll find plenty of inspiration in our TV and Film section.