Major Expansion on the Cards

by BTM

Sun, 03 December 2017

Major Expansion on the Cards

This security solutions provider plans several new facilities for the Kingdom in the coming year.

G4S Secure Solutions Bahrain is a leader across the sector and managing director Atanu Sanyal is optimistic about the future anticipating growth in the coming year.

He says: “We work with almost all segments of the industry. I think the best opportunity for growth will be in critical infrastructure projects. We have local and global capabilities and we can add value to that segment when it comes to electronic security solutions or a combination of technology and human expertise.”

He added that G4S will be expanding, saying: “We have plans to open three more entities in Bahrain: first for facility management services including hard and soft facilities; second, a manpower recruitment company where we can provide skilled and unskilled workers under our visa to different customers; and third, a new security guarding company. This company needs immediate action as we already have 500 guards and, as per the Bahraini law, no security company can have more than 500 guards.

“We also plan to build a new cash centre in Bahrain with an estimated investment of USD250,000 to USD300,000.”

G4S has seen double-digit growth in 2017, which has been one of its best years. Atanu hopes this will continue, saying: “We are confident as a team and hoping to deliver double-digit growth in 2018. G4S’ highest priority is to train and employ Bahraini nationals to provide premium security to our customers.”

The company currently works with embassies and ministries, retail, banking, oil and gas, construction, transportation, aviation and the telecommunications sector. It prides itself on establishing standards of excellence for the provision of professional quality security services to meet customers’ needs while addressing the security risks involved — all under the banner of its corporate philosophy of empowerment, accountability, communication and teamwork.

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