Nadeen School: A growing child-centered, inclusive, & diverse family with a shared love of learning

by BTM

Thu, 03 February 2022

Nadeen School Bahrain

Nadeen School, founded in 1977, is well-known for its holistic approach to education and for celebrating the unique, individual talents of children with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Currently located in Um Al Hassam, the school has 400 children from over 50 countries and 80 staff. The family-style school, with the motto ‘Small School – Big Family’, is further enhanced through their green spaces, school farm, cosy campus, and Open-Door Policy. Scheduled to move to a brand new, purpose-built, green school in the heart of Dilmunia in January 2023, the school will expand to higher ages and offer tremendous, unique learning and life opportunities for its students – a move that the faculty and other team members are all very excited about!

“We are one of the founding members of the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) and an accredited member of the group. Nadeen School is also one of only three British Schools Overseas (BSO) schools in Bahrain, registered and recognised by the British Government and Department for Education,” says Director, Shanee Puri.

nadeen School, founded in 1977Combining the best of many different education systems, with high-tech education at one end of the spectrum and forest schools at the other, is the key to Nadeen School’s success. “Fundamental to our ethos and practise is our whole-child and child-centred approach to education. Our creative, individualised approach to the curriculum and to all of our students ensures our students’ success, both personally and academically,” she states. 

The school faculty believes that the strength of the school’s ethos and community supported them through these recent, extraordinary times. “Ensuring our students’ and team’s wellbeing, continuation of the children’s learning, and preservation of our strong community bond were our top three priorities over the last year. Our teaching and support teams have gone above and beyond to ensure that the children have continued to progress in all aspects of their learning and development,” says Ms. Puri.

“We reflect on what lessons we can take from this shared experience and look forward to a stronger, brighter future ahead.”