New Festive Delights

by BTM

Sun, 03 December 2017

New Festive Delights

Enjoy a holiday ‘feast for the eyes’ with a scrumptious choice of contemporary Japanese cuisine at this popular restaurant.

Ring in the New Year with some delightful new dishes from Maki Restaurant. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Spinach Pomegranate Salad, Foie Gras Tacos, Anchoa Maki, Aburi Salmon in Bird’s Nest and Mochi Cotton Candy. These are Maki’s ‘gifts’ to its fans at the turn of the new year.

In the early 2000s, Maki became a hallmark for ‘daring’ culinary innovation, introducing dishes such as Fusion
Temaki, Tara Maki, Amer Maki and Tartufo Yaki Udon.

Forward to current times, Maki has been introducing new dishes which are based on extensive food-pairing research, and studying the latest cooking trends and techniques. Additionally, the restaurant has been presenting a series of new, healthier dishes based on exotic ingredients like purple potatoes, red and black rice and wakame (seaweed).

“Our most recent introductions include a maki roll, which concentrates on Maki’s Mediterranean focus in relation to contemporary Japanese cuisine,” explains co-founder and managing partner Amer Zeitoun. “The Anchoa Maki includes anchovies, soft-shell crab, shiso, carrot, tobiko, shiso cress, red radish and extra virgin olive oil.”

The Spinach Pomegranate Salad was first launched in Oliver Maki London, and then presented to guests in the Middle East. This tasty salad, with its beautiful presentation, is drenched in a tangy sesame sauce. The Mochi Cotton Candy is a new ‘fun’ dessert which combines a traditional Japanese ice cream, encased in rice pastry, with the celebrated (carnival sweet) cotton candy, presented on a stick and ready to be devoured ice cold.

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