Ramadan is Coming!

by BTM

Wed, 24 April 2019


It’s that time of the year again where we’re up at the crack of dawn to eat as much as we can so we have energy to get through the day #TheRealHungerGames. 30 days of fasting followed by 3 days of celebration!


Waking up for Suhoor on the first day of Ramadan:


First Day of Ramadan got you like: 


Everything looks like food:


Waiting for Maghrib like:


When you’re fasting and the 3983727939 person says ‘Not even water?’


When you’re angry and annoyed and want to say something but can’t


When you push the boundaries of endurance


You learn the art of patience


Having big eyes to fill a small stomach


The thirst is real.


But if you really think of it, the 30 days can also be a wonderful time of celebration, a little selfcare and lots of reflection. Your body and bank account will thank you for it! Tell us some of your favourite #Ramadan stories!