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by BTM

Tue, 29 October 2019

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The new Alpine Eagle sports collection of timepieces is a modern reinterpretation of a well-loved classic from the world-famous house of Chopard.

The Alpine Eagle watch, imagined and personally designed by co-president of Chopard, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, is driven by his passion for the Alps and by the lofty power of the eagle that reigns supreme there.

This range is contemporary, refined and assertive, and is crafted from an exclusive, ultra-resistant and light-reflecting metal named Lucent Steel A223. It beats to the rhythm of a Chopard chronometer-certified movement.

Alpine Eagle bears testament to Chopard's commitment to protecting the Alpine environment through the launch of the Eagle Wings Foundation.

The state-of-the-art creation is dedicated to contemporary eagles; the aspiring men who outperform in their daily lives and whose vision inspires and elevates. With foresight and determination, they act on the challenges of tomorrow and are innately aware of the importance of environmental issues.

Bahrain Jewellery CenterBack in 1980, it was Karl-Friedrich Scheufele himself who conceptualised the St Moritz, the brand’s very first sports watch. It went on to become Chopard’s first timepiece made of steel, and an iconic piece from the house of horologists. The present day’s Alpine Eagle collection is inspired by its innovative predecessor.

A hiking and skiing enthusiast, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele finds inspiration and serenity in the high altitudes of Switzerland, where he can open his eyes, clear his mind and initiate action. His concept of the new watch collection bears the imprint of nature’s influence.

The Alpine Eagle is a select circle of watches with an integrated case and bracelet. Its design is both refined and contemporary, with a rock-like textured dial evoking an eagle’s iris, its hands call to mind the raptor’s feathers and the cold glinting steel is reminiscent of glaciers.

The gently tapered bracelet comprises a single ingot-shaped link, topped by a raised central cap. The case is distinguished by a protrusion protecting the crown engraved with a compass rose, an instrument that has helped adventurers find their way since ancient times. Today, it is the emblem of contemporary eagles capable of choosing the right direction in the pursuit of their destiny.

Bahrain New watch collection by bjcThe round bezel is punctuated by eight screws, grouped in pairs at the four cardinal points. Their slots are set at a tangent to the circle of the bezel, a sign of high-quality finishing and sophisticated aesthetic purpose. These screws also serve a technical function by guaranteeing the water resistance of the watch to 100 metres.

All Alpine Eagle flat surfaces are satin-brushed, a finish carefully crafted to create light effects further enhanced by polished chamfers. The hours and minutes hands, like the hour-markers, are coated with Super-LumiNova Grade X1 to enhance nocturnal legibility. Like the snow, torrents and rock of the Alps, that inspired Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and change their appearance according to the light conditions, the Alpine Eagle constantly alternates between polished and matt finishes.

The two movements with automatic winding embedded in the watch’s heart have been developed in Chopard's watchmaking workshops and chronometer-certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control – a rare event for watches in this category.

Chopard has produced and assembled all Alpine Eagle components in-house, from the components of its movements to the making of its case and bracelet, whether in steel and/or gold. This rich collection is available in unisex models in 41mm and 36mm diameters.

Chopard’s range of wristwatches are available at the Chopard boutiques at Moda Mall and Ritz Carlton Hotel & Spa.

Call 17 580-667 or visit www.bjc.com.bh