St Christopher’s School - Delivering Outstanding Educational Standards

by BTM

Sun, 05 April 2020

St Christopher’s School Bahrain

Leading educational institution, St Christopher’s School, Bahrain, is on a mission to provide an ‘Education for a Shared Humanity’.

From humble beginnings in 1961 to almost 60 years later, the name St Christopher’s School is synonymous with exceptional standards of teaching and learning. Consistently awarded ‘Outstanding’ in school inspection reports, St Christopher’s School leads the way in providing a British-style education in the uniquely international setting of Bahrain. The school’s continuing success lies in a commitment to learning and a steadfast dedication to the students.

To be a St Christopher’s School student is to be part of a close-knit community that upholds and models the core values of caring, honesty and mutual respect. Every member of the community, students, staff, parents and caregivers alike, is unified in one collective objective, that young people become competent individuals, autonomous learners and global citizens.

St Christopher’s School BahrainEvery St Christopher’s student learns to understand and implement the core values of compassion, confidence, commitment, courage, creativity and curiosity. These traits combine to create the strength of intellect and character that a student will need to take responsibility for their actions and decide how they will contribute meaningfully to a global society, because a St Christopher’s student’s aim is to become a role model for the world.

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