Summer Hair Lovin'

by Michelle D'Souza

Wed, 12 June 2019

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The Bliss Series is a series of articles on skin care and regimes that we can all include in our beauty routine. It’s the perfect excuse for ‘me’ time. Self-love is the best love!

Here comes the sun, ladies! And with our lovely Bahraini summer, the only thing you want to do is tiny that mane into a high ponytail and go about your day! We know what the heat’s like and anything to lighten the harsh rays of the sun will be done! (That rhymes! We’re poets and we didn’t even know it!)

girls hair GIF

But how do you stay on trend without looking like a hot mess? Simple, really, you change it up! That’s right, hair is versatile and no matter what you do (unless completely extreme – which we don’t recommend!) it will always grow back! 

hair chop it off GIF by Julie Winegard

Growing up, I was the family barber, I gave all my dolls ‘trendy bangs’, used paint to color their hair making sure they were ‘in season’ and even giving them haircuts depending on the season, or how well they behaved in my imaginary storylines, so obviously I was professional enough to do this for myself, right? 


moment of truth haircut GIF by HelloGiggles

I’ve given myself some unfortunate bangs too many times to do it to myself again, so this time, I sought out professionals. And also because I felt like my hair just needed to be brightened up. Dealing with straight hair isn’t always the best, I envy curls and big volumized hair. My hair loves to fall flat and look like a sheet on my head most day, so I needed to figure a way to spruce it up without it going through too much treatment. 

Enter, Maison De Joelle, the wonderful people at MDJ came through! It’s incredibly important that you make informed decisions with your hair and who better to talk to than the experts! 

Started by Joelle Mardinan, founder of the beauty empire Joelle Group, her focus on the perception of beauty is to empower women around her – Joelle has not only raised the platform of beauty in the Arab society but also marked its existence on the rest of the world. And it comes through when you enter the pristine salon, her staff is well trained and extremely courteous. It’s always nice to meet people who know what they’re doing, and also do the work they do, because they love it and aren’t motivated by taking as much money from their customers as possible. 

Armed with hair that had color fading, I plopped myself on one of their comfortable chairs and prepared for a change. And it was incredible, my hair went from dull generic bleach-faded hair to a vibrant burgundy in a few hours. Throughout the entire process, I was informed of what was happening and at all times was checked on. The colorist was professional and personable, often making me comfortable with understanding my hair and extremely knowledgeable. Just look at that transformation! 

Maison De Joelle is situated in Seef Mall, Seef Area located inside of BlissLab (Gates 6 & 7) which is perfect as not only do you have access to beauty services but also to a variety of beauty products to help with maintenance. 

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