The British School of Bahrain - A Family Environment

by BTM

Tue, 05 September 2023

The British School of Bahrain British Education in Bahrain

In 1996, the British School of Bahrain was founded as a small villa school in Adliya, based on the principles of an outstanding British education in a family environment. 27 years later, the school is now located at a purpose-built campus in Hamala yet the core principle of a family environment continues to underpin the school’s ethos.

In 2023, BSB received international awards for its innovation and excellence in education. Of these awards, perhaps the most prestigious, is the global ISA Award for student well-being which places BSB as the top school in Bahrain and the region for student well-being.

A family ethos is essential for children’s success since having the support of our family allows us to grow into the people we are. Emulating this ethos within the school, BSB encourages students to achieve more while providing a safe environment for all students. This ethos is supported by having all students aged three to 18 on one campus. 

This summer has seen the greatest investment in the BSB campus since its initial move to Hamala. The school has seen the completion of Project Tofl, meaning ‘child’ in Arabic and reflecting the BSB ethos of putting every child at the centre of everything it does. 

Project Tofl has seen the renovation of the BSB Infant School, utilising the knowledge and expertise of the Inspired group of schools (a growing family of interconnected schools around the world which BSB is a part of) in international best practices and has resulted in the creation of compelling learning environments.

The recent acquisition of 17 schools in London by the Inspired group of schools, including the school chosen by the late Lady Diana for the education of Prince William and Prince Harry, further expands the family in which BSB is welcomed.