The Hallmark of Precision

by BTM

Fri, 03 November 2017

The Hallmark of Precision

This unique collection of timepieces from this enduring brand is appreciated by connoisseurs around the world.

It has been more than a century since the house of horologists, Seiko, produced the first wristwatch combining innovation and master workmanship. This tradition continues to thrive today, thanks to the skill and passion of the craftsmen and women in whose hands Seiko’s mechanical wonders are assembled, adjusted and inspected. From its very first creation in 1913 to the very latest creations of today, the brand has continuously honed its skills, increased the meticulousness of its manufacturing and developed new ideas and components in its own, characteristic Japanese way.



This ideology is also evident in Seiko’s Presage – the exceptional collection of wristwear. From the adjustment of the intricate mechanisms of the timepieces to the polishing of their cases, it is the handcraft of the watchmakers that sets the high standards of this line-up. Inspection by eye also plays a key role, and only after a vigorous quality appraisal is the artisan’s task complete.

With such exacting standards, this is a must-have for the purist who appreciates the fine art of horology.

The Multi-hands 6R27 Presage with its roman numerals, detailed minute track and graceful lines reveal its ancestry to the 1895 Time Keeper – the first ever pocket piece that Seiko produced for the public when wristwatches were an unknown accessory. Quality, tradition and expertise are to be seen in every detail of this modern fabrication. The glass is a dual-curved sapphire; the tips of the minute and second hands are shaped by hand to increase the legibility of the hour of day. Every hour marker has 10 coats of paint to give the dial its three-dimensional feel, and the beautifully engraved oscillating weight is clearly visible through the sapphire case back. Even the crown has a deeply grooved rim to allow the wearer to enjoy the solid and smooth feel as the piece is wound.

Back in 2010, a Seiko automatic chronometer, inspired by the glamour of the cocktail bar and designed especially for the Japanese market, started to attract attention on the world’s watch blogs, forums and websites. The Presage series is based on this celebrated and much-loved original. All eight creations in the collection share the subtle design accents that pay homage to the original model. The sunray dials all have a deep, pressed pattern, the shimmering beauty of which is enhanced by seven layers of a glossy finish and the clarity of the box-shaped crystals. The hands are delicately curved by skilled craftsmen and women to give the device a sleeker profile. When turning the uniquely shaped crown, the wearer can feel the strong torque of the winding device.

Presage echoes the sentiment that Seiko’s strength lies in its proficiency and delicate artistry. The range of products from this renowned brand are available in Bahrain at Ambassador Stores.

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