The Life of Piaf

by George Middleton

Fri, 28 June 2019

PIAF by Pam Gems - A drama (with music) based on the life and times of French singer Edith Piaf

“The early bird catches the worm” is an old adage absolutely bursting with veracity especially related to “PIAF”, playing at British Club from Thursday 27th-Saturday 29th June. Book NOW or forever regret what you NEVER want to “regret rien” !

Manama Theatre Company’s established standards for amateur dramatics is very high in Bahrain and  once in a while, you get something even more special as I witnessed yesterday (Thursday) night with “PIAF” by Pam Gems.

Director Sowsan Hasan took a nineteen-eighties script on the great French singer, and together with creative producer, Ali Daylami, adapted it for cultural consideration and context with a resulting poignant, emotional and melodic performance spearheaded by the magnificent Mariyana AlZurikat as Edith Piaf. Not only does she possess a striking resemblance to “the little sparrow” herself, but her vocal performance is beyond par; passionate and impressive.

The whole cast gelled so well together and brought out the tragic rags-to-riches aspect of her life and flawed but immensely talented character.  Jenny Wassom’s  “Toine” is strong and impressive as her off-and-on and long-suffering friend from the streets. Christopher Diciolla plays several of her star-crossed lovers and toy-boys while New Zealander Stephanie Sutton is equally conspicuous as Madeleine and nurse.

Don’t worry about Edith Piaf’s inability to speak English as being a barrier to communication. The script is 99% English and even “PIAF’S” classic French songs are transposed into English after the first line!

This is a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening waiting for you on Friday and Saturday night at the British Club. On Friday night, dinner is also available between 6:45 PM and 7:30 PM while performance starts at 8:15 PM. If you just want to see the show, it costs BD 7/- on Friday or Saturday evening.

Contact the British Club to book tickets directly or go to www.manamatheatreclub.com for more details.

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