Towards an Even Brighter Future

by BTM

Tue, 04 April 2023

Nadeen School has been offering an outstanding education in the heart of Manama since 1978. This year, the school not only celebrates its 45th anniversary, but will be moving to a new state-of-the-art campus in the heart of Dilmunia where it shall continue offering an outstanding British education to students from Nursery to Year 13. 

School-goers have an exciting journey ahead of them at Nadeen School with the new campus boasting a wide range of advanced facilities. The new school will have spacious classrooms and specialist curriculum spaces for science, art and design-technology, computing and technology, cooking and life skills, and more.

“At our core is the firm belief that education should be child-centred, holistic in its approach, and inclusive. Another key aspect of our approach has been a continued and determined desire to improve education services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is in this context that we are excited to be moving to new premises, where we can take the best of who we are and enhance this through access to fantastic, world-class facilities,” says the Director of Nadeen School, Shanee Puri.

Due to the move to the expansive campus, the school is excited to be able to offer our unique brand of education to a wider age-range, eventually offering learning for students up to Year 13 (Grade 12). The new school will also have fantastic new sports and swimming facilities as well as an amazing performing arts and music centre.
“Our curriculum and outstanding teaching and learning opportunities will be enhanced through connection to nature and the outdoors as well as through an educating for sustainability mindset. Personal, social, and emotional growth – an area in which we truly excel – will be implicitly taught and specifically nurtured through areas such as our gardens, meditation and relaxation areas, and community spaces,” states Ms. Puri.

Parents and the rest of the schooling community will be able to come together at a high-quality cafe – a space to come and spend time in the school with friends and other community members. 

“The space will also offer increased training and workshop opportunities. Not only are we taking care of our wonderful students and teaching and support teams, we are also going to be able to offer our parents and the wider community an enhanced partnership experience. We look forward to our school being at the heart of a vibrant, active community where we can extend our sporting, extracurricular, and activity opportunities to all families, not only those who are part of the school.  The new school also has a play-school facility to provide younger children the opportunity to enjoy the Nadeen School experience,” she says.

Nadeen School has been rated ‘outstanding’ by the Bahrain Quality Authority (BQA), by the British Schools Overseas (BSO), and is an accredited member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). In addition, the school is Bahrain’s first High Performance Learning (HPL) school, Cambridge accredited, and winner of the British International School Awards.

“Our new campus is not just a new building. It is an opportunity. An opportunity to welcome bold and brave thinkers into our growth years. An opportunity – a fresh canvas – to innovate, ignite passions, and to provide our students with a learning experience that celebrates and excites them. An opportunity to create a school community that is in service to others, beyond our campus walls,” she concludes.