Very Vegan

by BTM

Tue, 07 January 2020

Want to be a clean, green, lean machine this year? Or just thinking of jumping on the Veganuary trend? Behnaz Sanjana digs out some of the best vegan dining options around the island.

Folia - Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay
Vegans can have a five-star meal without feeling left out, thanks to the iconic hotel’s plant-based menu, Folia. The charming culinary selection offers a range of wholesome, plant-based starters, entrées and desserts from the kitchen of Matthew Kenney, founder of more than 30 renowned vegan eateries worldwide. 

The concept proves that healthy food options can be delicious, besides being wholesome and ethically sourced. Folia’s options are attractive even to those who are not yet ready to give up their carnivore status, as they will be enthralled with the dishes that transform vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and spices into unforgettable feasts.

Beyond Meat – Nomad Eatery
Now you can have your meat and eat it too. Nomad has been a staple on Bahrain’s gourmet list for a while and now attracts the patronage of hard-core vegans as well, with the introduction of the well-known plant-based brand, Beyond Meat. Tickle your taste buds with ‘meat’ built from plants, to be able to relish the traditional dishes you have always loved, but in a healthier and more environmentally-responsible way. Beyond Meat contains more protein than beef, with less fat and no GMOs, soy or gluten. Islanders can enjoy the delicious succulence of the Beyond Burger — the patties of which are made with water, pea protein isolate, expeller-pressed canola oil, refined coconut oil, rice protein and other natural flavours, including apple extract and beet juice extract (for colour) — as well as the Beyond Sausage.

Raw Candy
Located in Seef’s Almoayyed Tower, Raw Candy offers vegan artisan chocolates, cakes, cookies, ice cream, sandwiches, nut butters and pastries, amongst other refined sugar-free goodies that will make your mouth water at first glance. The outlet’s cinnamon rolls, banana loaf, and other sinfully tasty treats, like coconut cookie dough and chia powder brownies are much loved by the vegan community. All products are freshly-prepared in Bahrain using ingredients that are organic and free from artificial preservatives. At Raw Candy, it’s perfectly OK to have cookies for breakfast! And, good news folks, there are expansion plans on the horizon.

Anais Café
Located at Hala Plaza, Zinj, this cosy eatery offers nutritious and high-quality vegan food. The fresh, minimally cooked meals are simple and nutritious, yet sophisticated in taste and presentation. Guests frequent the café for a quick coffee, brimming with the health benefits of homemade almond milk and Ceylonese cinnamon, or thirst-quenching smoothies, all prepared without refined sugar and lactose. A variety of breakfast staples, healthy starters, salads, entrées, sandwiches and wraps, many of which are also gluten-free, are available. Round off your meal with decadent desserts, all of which are wholesome and healthy for you. The café retails original Romanian jams and preserves, as well as genuine organic honey and Yerba Mate tea.

Chef and The Whale
This outlet on Budaiya Highway adopts sustainable business practices and a fair range of vegan dishes. The ‘garden’ section of the menu includes a carrot and cumin falafel, Tempura Banana Blossom Bao and Roasted Pumpkin Taco. All food is made from scratch and prepared fresh each day, so guests are assured of a memorable experience.