Developing Bahrain’s Native Workforce

by BTM

Thu, 03 February 2022

Peter Linford, CEO of OGM Technical Institute

Peter Linford, CEO of OGM Technical Institute, which is affiliated to Nasser S Al Hajri Corporation (NSH), talks about how the training organisation is ultimately playing a role in the greater good of the nation.

Having held various leadership positions in governmental and private sectors in Australia, the Asia Pacific, and the MENA region, Peter is at the helm of OGM, a technical training institute under the aegis of NSH and the RP Group of Companies.

Tell us about OGM Technical Institute and its purpose.
OGM Technical Institute Pty Ltd was established to provide internationally recognised workforce training to meet global industry demand for tradecraft skills. Building from the significant success of NSH in the Middle East and under the vision and guidance of Dr Ravi Pillai, OGM aims to create and supply ‘work ready’ trainees who meet immediate industry requirements in Bahrain, KSA and India. 

What type of training does OGM impart?
OGM is an internationally recognised training group that offers Bahraini nationals a fully sponsored twelve-month training programme inclusive of a monthly stipend.  Trainees acquire 30 percent knowledge training by certified trainers, followed by 70 percent ‘on the job’ training, which collectively ensures in-depth experience and understanding of real project site working.

The courses offered are for Safety Officer, Welder, Pipe Fitter, Scaffolder, Assistant Electrical worker and Instrumentation worker. They are conducted in English, and include behavioural soft skills training.

How is OGM affiliated to BAPCO›s modernisation project?
NSH (through OGM) is providing trade skills training to over 500 Bahrainis, leading to employment and careers in the Oil and Gas sector in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The programme, contracted with TTSJV is under the initiative of Bapco, supported by Bahrain’s Ministry of Labour, who recognise that genuine skills and opportunities for employment are best delivered by the private sector where skilled and motivated workers are in demand.  NSH with TTSJV is proud to be their key partner in delivering these programmes. 

How do the programmes benefit trainees?
The immediate benefit is that registered unemployed Bahraini nationals have the opportunity to develop new skills while being paid a training salary.  Over the medium term, successful trainees are offered ongoing employment contracts with NSH.  Over the long-term Skills and opportunities are continually offered, which results in career progression with qualifications and experience recognised across the Gulf region.
Would you say OGM is contributing positively towards Bahrain›s economic and social fabric, and in what way?
Through OGM’s training, NSH is working to expand the percentage of Bahraini nationals working for our projects at all levels; from management through to labour support, and we understand this must be achieved through training and skills development.  In line with His Majesty’s Vision 2030 for the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Bapco Modernisation Project represents a generational turning point for BAPCO which is going to provide a sustained development of the Kingdom. It is a matter of pride that OGM is able to nurture and develop Bahraini talent to contribute as much as possible to such a prestigious project. 

Besides, the skills we impart provide opportunities for lifelong careers with NSH across the Gulf region and qualifications that can be recognised across industries by many companies.

What OGM graduates and trainers have to say…
Hasan Jameel –Welding 
I benefited a lot from the training in the field of welding. I am confident in my work, interpersonal skills and speak English better thanks to professional trainers.

Zeyad Mandagar –Electrical
My training helped in reducing errors caused by inexperience and increased the quality of my work as an electrician.  

Asrar Hassan – Soft Skills Trainer
It’s rewarding that OGM has given me the opportunity to learn and grow by being a part of the team that gets to kickstart Bahrainis’ careers.