Experience Meets Business

by BTM

Sun, 30 July 2017

Experience Meets Business

This veteran hotelier and businessman is changing the game of this popular four-star property.

Shantharam Shetty, the director of Inn-Venue Hotel and Restaurant Management Company, is currently managing Al Safir Hotel & Tower to take it to ever greater heights.

He has nearly 25 years of experience in the industry, predominantly in India and the GCC.

“After graduating with a degree in arts, I was enticed by the hospitality sector,” he says.

“I realised that serving others gives me immense pleasure, and adopted it as my life goal.”

He moved to Bahrain in 1996 to set up a hotel group, which then expanded its operations markedly over time.

Elaborating on his current focus, he says: “Al Safir has 126 deluxe rooms and top-of-the-line services. Guests are guaranteed truly regal treatment at budget-friendly prices. We are also adding more entertainment facilities to cater to those who enjoy music and dining out.

“The adjoining tower offers both lodging and leisure, with 68 classy residences. Out of those, 24 are executive rooms, 39 are regular suites – with the option of merging two to form a three-bedroom accommodation – four VIP and an Imperial Suite that comes with its own private pool.” 

Shantharam takes a proactive approach and interacts with the guests directly to ensure a smooth flow of operations. “I value guest relations and believe that building a rapport with customers is the best way to bring them back to us,” he explains.

When asked about his future plans, he says: “I intend to develop and expand Inn-Venue to the next level by adding more hotels and luxury apartments. I’m open to any opportunities that knock on my door.”

Shantharam believes that the hospitality industry in Bahrain has a promising future.

“I have seen the market in all its glory – its ups and downs – from the very beginning,” he says. “I am certain that the prospects for the future look bright.”

Being a busy man, Shantharam finds that spending time with his family is the best way to relieve stress. “I set a target for each day, and if by the end of it I have achieved it – that is a great thought to unwind over,” he says. “I also enjoy exercising.” 

He has a special message to convey to his fellow countrymen in Bahrain: “Indians are known to be dedicated, sincere and hardworking individuals, so this is the image we need to keep up to make our nation proud.”

Al Safir Hotel & Tower