Like Father, Like Son

by Apple Sharma

Sat, 03 February 2018

Like Father, Like Son

Ky-Mani Marley, popular reggae artist and son of legendary Bob Marley, will make his debut in Bahrain this month. He speaks candidly to BTM in an exclusive interview ahead of his visit to the island.

Sports have been your first love. How did your musical journey start?

My musical journey started by divine intervention; I was hanging around in the studio singing and someone in the studio told me I have a good tone and here we are today.


Your song Dear Dad from The Journey album topped the British reggae charts. How did that make you feel?

It’s always a feel-good moment when other people recognise and enjoy your music. For me it was such a personal song that I’m glad that people could relate to it.


Was it tough following in your father’s footsteps? How did you deal with the pressure?

For me the transition into music felt natural. I don’t let the pressure of the Industry affect what I have going on.


Your father was a reggae legend. How much influence has he had on your own music?

Well, one of the reasons I do music is because of my father. I’m inspired by his music and his positivity, and try to incorporate his message into my music.


What motivates you to create music? Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Life motivates my music and is also my biggest inspiration.


You’ve collaborated with various international artists including Pras [Fugees] and Gentleman [Germany’s renowned reggae singer]. Which experience has been your most memorable?

I would say my most memorable experience is whenever I’m on stage with all my brothers.


Are you working on anything new? What’s in the pipeline?

I’m always working on new music – hope to have an album out this summer. I’m also focused on a new soccer team I have acquired in Jamaica named Falmouth United.


This is your first trip to Bahrain. Are you excited and what can the fans look forward to at the event?

I’m always excited to visit a new place. The fans can look forward to a high energy, exciting show with a blend of my father’s legendary songs and my own.


What’s your favourite Bob Marley song? Who’s on your playlist at the moment?

My favourite Bob Marley song depends on my mood, so to say I have one favourite would be unfair; they are all my favourites. My playlist at the moment consists of music ideas I’ve been working on, to use on my forthcoming album project.


Your name means ‘traveller’. Do you travel a lot? What is your favourite destination and why?

Well I’m a musician, so yes, I do a bit of travelling. My favourite destination is where I’m at at the time.