Noor AlSaati | Taking YOU app to the Top!

by BTM

Fri, 09 September 2022

Noor AlSaati | Taking YOU app to the Top!

A chat with YOU app Chief Operating Officer, Noor AlSaati, about the app’s benefits and plans for the future.

After one of the most successful market launches of recent times, the YOU app, which helps customers by reducing mobility constraints, continues to grow. We spoke to its Chief Operating Officer, Noor AlSaati, about the app’s benefits and plans for the future.

Ms. AlSaati has extensive experience in running, scaling, building and leading a wide range of initiatives and products in banking and marketing. This experience, coupled with her professionalism, has led to YOU’s success.

She says: “Working in the banking and finance industry shaped my skills in all aspects and gave me experience in many areas from putting plans and strategies in place to training and building a strong team. Furthermore, it improved my decision-making, helped me in understanding consumer behaviours and gave me strong managerial and leadership skills.”

The YOU app is a human-centred platform which ‘focuses on YOU as an individual and your daily needs.’ The platform, which is built on empathy towards consumers, tackles emotional, rational, social and free-will needs creating convenience and reducing pain-points.

According to Noor, the app aims to “help YOU enjoy every minute of your life through reducing mobility constraints when YOU need food, flowers, grocery, health and beauty products, fashion, lifestyle, electronics and more.”

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YOU is the largest platform for providing convenience ever built in Bahrain, with six different verticals (Food & Beverages, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Grocery, Lifestyle and Flowers), plus a wallet where customers can accumulate and purchase loyalty rewards that can be transferred to any person. 

According to Noor, the reception of YOU has been extremely positive in the Kingdom. “We’ve had a very encouraging response,” she explains. “Every day our market share is growing, and we expand more and more. The number of downloads is increasing as is our user base and vendors across all verticals.”

“We are all shopping online more now. People affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are driving a historic and dramatic shift in consumer behaviour and online shopping looks set to stay. People are keen to find the best price, and more options under one platform to reduce mobility constraints is the way forward,” she adds. 

She believes that online application ordering, in general, is on the rise. “An increasing number of young people are becoming comfortable with the services and values it offers. In fact, I believe that e-commerce industry is going to create and deepen emerging specialisations such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality.”

Noor is also particularly proud of YOU’s commitment to Bahrainisation. It currently holds a 90 percent Bahrainisation rating, and with the support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, and Tamkeen, it is committed to employing Bahraini drivers as part of its delivery fleet.

It also features a Bahraini Customer Support Centre, which is locally-based and available 24/7 to ensure customer and vendor satisfaction.

“We recognise the potential and capabilities of Bahraini professionals and are proud of our talented team of Bahraini employees across all departments. Each vertical is comprised of its own teams. Our sales and marketing teams are fully experienced and trained in creating tailor-made solutions centred on our customers and vendors,” she concludes.

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A chat with YOU app Chief Operating Officer, Noor AlSaati,