One-Of-A-Kind Development

by BTM

Wed, 31 October 2018

One-Of-A-Kind Development

Ishaq Al Kooheji (IK), of Kooheji Golden Gate, Manoj Ajmera (MA), of Ajmera Realty, and Nayan Shah (NS), of Mayfair Housing, answer questions on Golden Gate, a major new development for which they are collaborating in a joint venture as Golden Gate Developers.

Your information mentions “specially designed architecture”. Can you elaborate please
IK: The towers at Golden Gate have been specially designed for the climate in Bahrain. Every apartment has large floor-to-ceiling windows for residents to enjoy the scenic view of Bahrain Bay. We have used sun-defying glazed windows, containing the heat from the strong sun without having to compromise the aesthetic and design of the development. The apartments will be cool and be protected from the sun while still looking elegant, stylish and modern.
Other characteristics of the buildings have been designed in coordination with our Indian partners. The towers are crowned with a curved sail shape taking inspiration from the thousands of years of seafaring trade that Bahrain is known for. The ‘jewellery box’ is located on the sixth floor and is detailed in shades of gold and sapphire blue, portraying the precious stones traded for Indian spices, representing and paying homage to our decades’ worth of trade with India. Golden Gate is the representation of our two cultures, fused together to create a design and architecture that embodies tradition in a modern space. 

Please tell us a bit about the history of Kooheji Golden Gate and any significant, recognisable developments it is responsible for in the Kingdom?
IK: Kooheji Golden Gate is a company that dates back to 1889. My great-grandfather, Mahmood Al Kooheji, established the company by sourcing materials for the local market to start building properties around Bahrain. The company began processing sea rocks that were to be used as building materials, creating homes and buildings all over Bahrain. This family business has evolved into what we see today, a well-established and reputable family company. This is how our company grew to understand the real estate industry as well as becoming experts in investment. The company ethos is to always look towards the future, striving for excellence and delivering our projects through innovative thinking and collaboration. Golden Gate is the product of our collaboration and innovation that will change the meaning of luxury real estate in Bahrain. 

With so many other developments either coming on stream or in the pipeline, what will be this development’s USP and how do you plan to ensure occupancy?
MA: The Golden Gate development itself will be a one-of-a-kind residential space. Firstly, the location and the views of the development are the best in Bahrain. Residents will have panoramic views of Bahrain Bay and the waterfront that surrounds the property. It will stand out amongst the other buildings around it. 
Secondly, the amenities and services that come with living on the property are another advantage that makes Golden Gate unique. Our facilities include state-of-the-art gyms, spas, indoor and outdoor pools, a 24-hour-a-day concierge that will be there to serve your every need, whether taking your car for a service appointment or reminding you of a loved one’s birthday or an anniversary. It is truly the epitome of luxury. 

NS: Golden Gate is also a place of business, where we provide conference rooms with everything you would need to host meetings and other business events without leaving the comfort of your home. It is an investment that will last a lifetime. The families who have already purchased have done so for their children and their future. With our freehold sale option, it will last them all their lives if they choose to uphold the property for future generations to come. Golden Gate is a legacy piece that will undoubtedly last the test of time.

"Residents will have panoramic views of Bahrain Bay and the waterfront that surrounds the property. ”