Say Goodbye to Unsightly Fat

by BTM

Sun, 02 July 2017

Say Goodbye to Unsightly Fat

Bid farewell to unattractive cellulite and say hello to smooth, taut skin with a revolutionary new treatment offered at this popular salon.

Although cellulite isn’t harmful, it is a cause of concern for many, aesthetically. It tends to develop more easily in women than in men, and occurs in 90 per cent of females after puberty. It’s apparent mainly in the thigh, hip and buttock regions and is characterised by an ‘orange peel’ or ‘rippled’ appearance. It’s a misconception that only overweight people have this issue – thin people can suffer from it too.

There are various treatments that battle the condition, some more effective than others. 

Joz Salon & Spa helps you understand what you’re dealing with and answers your queries on the treatment programme that is offered.    


What is cellulite?

The term was coined in 1973 to describe a condition of the skin and subcutaneous tissue characterised by microcirculation impairment, fluid retention, enlarged fat cells and alteration of connective tissue. It develops in the most superficial layer of fat that sits beneath the skin, known as the subcutaneous fat layer. This strata is structurally unique from the others because its fat lobes are organised into chambers by surrounding strands of vertical connective tissue. 


What causes cellulite?

Among the many reasons it can develop are: hormonal changes; diet (mainly saturated fat); impaired circulation; lack of exercise and water consumption; medication; intake of caffeine; genetics and extreme weight loss. 


What is Dermosonic?

It is a strong suction massage programme for exceptional cellulite reduction that decreases localised fat and facilitates body contouring and
skin smoothing.


What results can be expected after Dermosonic?

Enhanced circulation is evident from the first session, along with a significant improvement in the quality and appearance of the treated area. 


How many treatments are needed?

Depending on your needs, age and lifestyle, a total of eight to 12 procedures are recommended once or twice a week, with follow-ups every six to eight weeks.


How do the treatments feel?

With no pinching, rolling or bruising of the skin,
the procedures are not only pain free but they also feel good.

Dermosonic is available at Joz Salon & Spa’s Juffair and Amwaj branches.

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