From Engineering to Events Via the Movie Screen

by BTM

Mon, 02 March 2020

Sreeju rajan coral bay bahrain

Miami Events Bahrain is synonymous with good nights out in the Kingdom. BTM speaks to its marketing and events manager, Sreeju Rajan.

When did you start at Miami Events Bahrain?
I joined the company in September 2019, when I moved to Bahrain. Engineering to event manager journey is quite unique , but arts and entertainment is linked with each and every profession. I am enjoying my job, especially since I have a special interest and passion for different art forms like music, dance, acting, writing and calligraphy. I’m always striving to improve and become a more efficient event planner.

Tell us more about your interest in the arts and about how you got into the events industry?
I have always been fascinated with cinema. Growing up, movies were my window to the world. I have three years’ of wonderful experience in Indian film industry as an assistant director . Major films in the list are like Oru Adar Love and Ithihasa 2. The first received public acclaim at the national and international level. Filmmaking is such a powerful form of communication and I find it incredibly invigorating to write a story and to see it transformed into an audio-visual piece! Different groups of people come on board at different stages of the process to bring the project to completion and the role of the director is most exciting! I still have that passion for it, as the real magic happens behind the camera.

I have also had the opportunity to act in Indian feature films, short movies and albums. In my school days I used to participate in youth festivals. I achieved titles such as Kalathilakam, Best Actress and others, which progressed into a career in the film industry.

What is your background in?
I am an M.Tech graduate specialised in very–large-scale integration (VLSI) design from Calicut University (second rank holder) and I completed my graduation in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation (B.Tech). I consider myself lucky to have chosen to work, thereafter, in a valued profession like teaching – I worked as an assistant professor cum placement co-ordinator for two and a half years, at METs School of Engineering, Mala. I like to be proactive about all my tasks and I was a dedicated researcher. Hence, I managed to have some of my research papers published in both national and international journals and conference publications relating to several topics in technology.

Where has your career path taken you before you joined Miami Events Bahrain?
During my days in career services at METs as a placement coordinator, I did a lot of studies on personality types, industries, careers and skill types, which are required in various fields. It’s a subject I find very interesting – helping people to find a career they would love and excel in is something I’m very passionate about! I was excited to learn more about how to place candidates in the right positions and my interest has provoded a path, which I am really proud of. I have worked for major companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Hindustan Computers Limited, Qburst, NBTC, Reubro International, Anglo Eastern, to name a few, in their recruitment processes.

Tell us about your current role with Miami Events?
Miami events, is a prominent entertainment company with an endless list of successful events held in Bahrain. Each event is a new experience for our enthusiastic customers. The concert by the Afro beat superstar Wizkid, was a major happening from Miami Events that created big waves in Bahrain and I am happy to have been a part of it.

The role itself is demanding, exciting and challenging! We try to bring together a team with clearly defined responsibilities for all aspects of an event, and I must say we have an energetic team under the professional guidance of Madan Perattur, the Managing Director who has a complete vision of what is to be executed.

What is the secret to Miami Events’ success?
Miami Events has a secret and successful marketing plan – a multifaceted approach to marketing and the promotional campaign may include a wide range of tools. Our customers have high expectations and paying close attention to their priorities and desires helps us to ensure their vision is accomplished. No event can be effectively sold until a marketing plan is developed.

Moreover, our location is a key asset in promoting events, as we are in the heart of the city. At Coral Bay Resort, the ambiance of the pools, the open dance floor, beaches and dining, all create a complete space for entertainment. Miami Events is the ultimate organiser when it comes to creating memorable parties on the island. The best part is the smiles of happy customers all around me after a celebration is complete!