There’s no place like home

by BTM

Sat, 06 August 2022

Anil Nair

Bahrain has long been a source of successful business ventures and fruitful relationships. Anil Nair, Managing Director of Karle Advisory & Consultancy Services W.L.L., tells us about his personal and professional experiences which began 38 years ago on our magical island.

After leaving India in 1983, Anil lived an expatriate life including 11 years in Bahrain from 1985 to 1996, before obtaining Australian residency and then citizenship in 2002. He returned to Bahrain in 2008 and has been here ever since.

Anil said: “I started my career in financial services with a subsidiary of British American Tobacco. That journey has led me through diversified organisations in multiple international locations. 

“More importantly, along that journey I met and married my wonderful wife, Karina, when she was employed with Gulf Air here in Bahrain, and we have two sons Karan and Kyle. They are the primary reasons and motivation that I do what I do.”

When Anil first returned to Bahrain, he was the Group CEO of Mannai Group, one of the Kingdom’s most prominent business houses. He also has experience as the CEO of a global sports-media business with interests in television production, events, publishing and merchandising. 

However, he feels there is time for a change to refresh and move forward. “Being stagnant is a slippery slope to nowhere,” he explains.

“Therefore, I have set up an advisory firm in Bahrain. In addition, with overseas investments from institutional investors and family offices, my partners and I are in the process of incorporating companies with interests in real estate, private equity and crypto platforms.”

Anil’s decision to return to Bahrain and continue to forge his and his family’s future on the island with his latest venture came from his belief that the Kingdom is an easy place to fit back into even after a prolonged absence, provides a great environment to raise his two boys and has a business-friendly government.

He says: “We tend to take a lot that Bahrain has to offer for granted. Believe me, not many countries can offer an environment that is safe and friendly, with great schools, value for money, an easy-paced lifestyle and a confluence of diverse cultures and people that enrich us, both as individuals and collectively.  

“The Bahraini people are without doubt the greatest asset the Kingdom has to offer. Memories go back a lifetime and I have far too many fabulous ones to put down. If you were to ask me what my favourite memories are of Bahrain, then of course I met Karina here, that’s got to be the top of that list! 

“Other great memories include forming lifelong friendships, playing golf both on His Majesty King Hamad’s private course and in a blinding shamaal on a sand course, relaxing on a tiny magical strip of sand called Jarada, playing Bridge at various clubs, cricket on a concrete carpeted pitch, being part of an early squash league called the ‘Duffers’ and winning a few navigation rallies at the Bahrain Motor Club. 

“I can’t wait to make many more memories here, both personal and professional, in the years to come.”