5 Reasons To Shop Your Groceries From Home!

by BTM

Mon, 21 October 2019

5 Reasons To Shop Your Groceries From Home!

Instashop, our new favorite app for all our grocery needs!

1. Why leave the comfort of your couch to put on clothes and walk a kilometer or two or get stuck in traffic to reach the supermarket? And let’s be honest, you’ll spend about an hour going around the isles, looking for random items when you know you’ll probably finish all of it within a week and have to make the trip again!?

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2. Imagine reaching the store only to find out that what is on your list is actually not available! And that can be a real inconvenience! Especially when it’s part of a recipe that you have 2 hours to make.

3. Ever tried going to the supermarket with your 3 year old? Do we need to say more?

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4. Loooooooooooong check-out lines! Or like people with 12 items in the ’10 items or less’ check out line!

5. Those times that really hurt, like missing your favorite TV shows or movies because you need popcorn and there’s none at home! Or waking up in the morning only to find out that you are out of coffee!

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What if we told you that you could avoid ALL OF THE ABOVE and still get your monthly grocery shopping done! Or even weekly! And best of all daily, too! (Yes, throw in there your midnight cravings for chocolate!)

That’s right, picture this: you are lying down on your couch, in your comfiest clothes with your favorite show playing. Phone in hand and all you need to do is click and everything you need is in your basket as you enjoy the quietness and no hassle of supermarket queues.

Don’t believe us? We’re not kidding, our favorite new app is Instashop! The easiest app you can use to shop for your groceries! We love it cause we can shop from the supermarkets we already trust and guess what, you’ll get your order in about 60 minutes average time! It literally can’t get easier than that!

InstaShop is about convenience, designed to make your life easier! You can shop on the spot or if you have a long list for your weekly shopping you can also schedule your order so it’s ready by the time you go home after work! From fresh fruits to household products, from the best, local supermarkets! So, are you still going to go to the supermarket? Yeah, we didn't think so! 

Android: Free download HERE.

iOS: Free download HERE.

Instashop, our new favorite app for all our grocery needs!