App of the Month - Tawasul

by BTM

Tue, 08 August 2023

Tawasul app of the month in Bahrain

The Tawasul App is the mobile-friendly version of Bahrain’s National Suggestion & Complaint system – an essential for Bahrain residents.

Tawasul is one of the essential eChannels that enable the Kingdom’s citizens and residents to submit their suggestions and complaints to any government entity easily at any time and from anywhere by utilising mobile features.

Every government entity in Tawasul, whether that’s the Ministry of Health, Education, Labour or many more, has assigned a dedicated team to handle suggestions and complaints according to a pre-set performance indicator and timeframe based on the case category.

Submissions are sent directly to the relevant government agency. The system will provide you with a tracking number that will enable you to track the progress of your submission. This can be monitored diarectly from the app, with a follow-up service available for those waiting longer than anticipated. 

Complaints include any case related to a current service difficulty or dissatisfaction of a service delivered by any government entity involved in Tawasul. You can also report incidents, issues and problems of the concerned entity services. A complaint is related to dissatisfaction of the level or the services provided by the entity, payment transaction errors, technical errors, failure to access a service or failure of full service delivery and documentations.

From within the app, once you select the entity you’re directing your complaint towards, you can provide full details of your case with your personal number, date, time, physical address and more.

Then, for payment complaints, you can attach transaction screenshots, bank SMS messages and bank statements in the specified field. For technical complaints, you can specify the exact error message or attach error screenshots. 

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