Apps Review - October 2018

by BTM

Sun, 30 September 2018

Apps Review - October 2018

BTM brings you the low-down on the latest and greatest apps on the market.

Verdict: One of the most innovative ways to edit your photos.

What is it? 
Built to ‘set your photos in motion,’ Animatix lets you make the perfect .gif, video or Live Photo by animating your shots with 24 different animation styles and a whole slew of cartoon, comic, sketch and art effects.

The Good 
Unlike other apps in the space, Animatix can help you produce cool, artistic pieces in a variety of different styles that don’t have to feel cartoony – unless you want them to. It has an easy-to-use frame editor and many options to share on social media or with friends.
The Bad
The app comes with a solid feature set for a new release, but could be made even better with the ability to mask parts of the shot so they don’t move. That way you could keep the subject of your portrait in focus but make the background swirl and ooze dramatically.

App: Mei

Mei is the world’s first mobile messaging app that comes with an optional AI assistant designed to improve your relationships. Mei represents the next generation of messaging where AI gives you real-time intelligence as you chat.

Even without turning on the AI assistant, texters who switch to Mei will gain features like data messaging (that means free international chats), end-to-end encryption, and private chats still unavailable in many stock texting apps.

On top of this, Mei gives users all the choice they deserve over their data and privacy by incorporating all the features you’d expect in a messaging app, cutting-edge AI and NLP technology, and user control over every feature.

App: Nanoloop

While you reminisce about those old, great video games with fantastic chiptunes, you could spend those in-between moments of your day to make your own music. That’s where Nanoloop comes in. Pick what instruments you want in your composition then lay out the notes. A learning curve is involved, but once you get the hang of it, the app’s limitation is only your imagination.