Apps Review - April 2021

by BTM

Mon, 05 April 2021

Apps Review - April 2021

Ramadan is just around the corner, so we put together a list of apps that you’re sure to find useful!

Ramadan Recipes Latest in BahrainRamadan Recipes Latest
As many Muslims lose weight due to fasting during Ramadan, this app gives users a dietary note on the ‘dos’ and the ‘don’ts’ during the Holy Month. It suggests exercises and pushes notifications reminding users of the right time to exercise and to eat.

Quran Reader
This app is interactive and allows users to read, listen and study the Quran with a simple tap and hold on the line that users want to recite. You can also create notes or view the translation. The app provides verse-by-verse recitation and also uses background audio, plus it allows users to search for the Surah name or a specific ayah and has beautiful interface.

Qibla Finder
This app will provide users with information on the direction of prayer. It has the necessary compass that points users to Mecca from any position around the world. Also the app is inbuilt with alerts, notifying the user about the prayer time and it can also play Adhan. The app uses GPS position to connect and also has many other features.

Muslim Pro
This app notifies users with the correct fasting times as the prayer time calculator is based on your location. It has visual as well as audio notifications for Adhan. The app also provides users with audio recitation of the Holy Quran with phonetics and translations. It also provides information on the Halal restaurants and mosques in the area. The app is available in 14 languages.