Apps Review August 2018

by BTM

Wed, 25 July 2018

Apps Review August 2018

BTM brings you the low-down on the latest and greatest apps on the market.

App: Prisma
Rating: 5/5
Verdict: Great fun for photo enthusiasts.

What is it? 

Prisma is a photo filter app that’s unlike any other. Instead of tinting your photos, which any photo app can do, Prisma loads incredibly detailed filters, many mimicking famous artists, to create truly unique pictures.

The Good 

The app has been updated to support video, and the most impressive thing about it is that all of these effects can be applied super quickly, so you can share your latest creation as soon as possible.

The Bad

Right now, as entrancing as they are, the resulting images are low-resolution at 1080x1080 pixels, much lower than the image input of your phone. In addition, no matter what aspect ratio your images are going in, they all come out square. And while that’s great for the Instagram crowd, some people want a choice.



App: Waze

Whether you’re a big driver or just going on a long road trip, you should check out Waze. The app knows how fast you are travelling on the road and redirects you around traffic mid-trip, ultimately shortening your commute. Waze tracks more than just traffic; it also alerts you to construction, accidents, red-light cameras, and even police ahead on your route.

App: Magisto

Magisto makes your smartphone videos look like they were edited by a pro, with just a few seconds of work. The app takes your photos and videos and uses artificial intelligence to edit them together into videos you can share with friends and family. The video editor has a number of built-in effects as well as a music library. Finished creations can be shared instantly from within the app to social media or email.