Apps Review - August 2022

by BTM

Fri, 05 August 2022

Apps Review - August 2022

BTM brings you the low-down on the latest and greatest available apps.

Shabaam - Shabaam is a new GIF maker app that allows you to spice up your favourite GIFs with some added audio. Choose a GIF from the app’s extensive library and then use your device to record your voice (or any sound of your choice) to be dubbed over the GIF. The final product is a short video (because it can’t remain in GIF format due to the audio) that you can save to your device or share through other apps.

Bite - Instead of having to endlessly browse through generic restaurant menus and peruse through too many unhelpful reviews, Bite focuses on providing users with high-quality imagery and information that actually matters. Bite users are encouraged to share their experiences with dishes they tried using applicable review options that focus on rating aspects of taste, quality and cost.

Yarn - Yarn features a large library of stories told in text message format as if you were snooping through somebody else’s phone and reading their conversations. Episodes and conversations are updated daily, and you can enjoy stories from several categories including mystery, romance, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy and others.

Zedge - If you really want to make your smartphone or tablet your own, Zedge is the app you’ll want to use to personalise your device’s ringtones, notifications and alarm sounds. The app offers thousands of high-quality sounds that are free and easy to download, from obscure sounds to classic jingles, and you can set a custom ringtone for each person in your contact list.