Apps Review - December 2018

by BTM

Mon, 03 December 2018

Apps Review - December 2018

BTM brings you the low-down on the latest and greatest apps on the market.

What is it? 
Are you constantly worried you’ll run into Twitter spoilers regarding your favourite movies or TV shows? Then, Spoiler Block is for you. The app, as you might assume, allows you to enter the names of movies and TV shows that you don’t want spoilers about, after which the app will block certain text that might contain keywords related to spoilers.

The Good 
The app is an amazing idea for those who hate having their favourite shows or films ruined. Just sign in with Twitter and tell the app what you don’t want to see and it will block the tweets related to it. Enjoy the shows that you haven’t got around to watching yet, without spoiler posts from people who can’t keep their traps shut.

The Bad
So far it only works with your Twitter login, and as such, if you don’t have Twitter it won’t work. You can always create an account and never use it, but it’s still a hassle. It would be much better if you could sign in with your Google account or email.

App: 1Lyrics
1lyrics aims to be the only lyric-related app you’ll ever need. The app works in conjunction with the likes of Spotify, Google Play Music and Amazon Music to show you the lyrics to the song you’re listening to, when you’re listening to it. Through 1lyrics, you can download lyrics to view offline, change the theme of the app to suit your style, and more.

App: Bouncer
Privacy is of growing concern in today’s modern society, and as such, you might want to gain a little more control over your app permissions. Bouncer helps you do that. Through the app, you can temporarily grant an app permissions — meaning you could allow Twitter to access your camera, but only for a few seconds when you open the camera in the Twitter app. In other words, with Bouncer you don’t need to worry about what apps are doing in the background.