Apps Review - December 2022

by BTM

Wed, 07 December 2022

Bahrain best mobile apps for december 2022

There’s an app for practically everything these days, but with Christmas just around the corner we thought these were particularly handy.

NORAD Tracks Santa
This is the official app of the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) Tracks Santa programme, established in 1955 to track Santa’s whereabouts around the globe as he delivers presents to kids both naughty and nice – but only if they’re asleep. It includes an arcade with different games to play every day until Christmas Eve and you can also listen to Christmas music, watch videos and read books. 

Christmas Countdown 2022
This fun app is an advent calendar for your phone that displays the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas. You can choose the theme you like, and there’s a new gift to unwrap every day, giving you a fresh Christmas-themed wallpaper to boost your seasonal spirit, along with a festive fact and a link to a Christmas song. 

Santa’s Naughty or Nice List+
This app is targeted to parents who want to have some fun with their kids and who may also want to use the authority of Santa to induce their offspring to behave. The idea is that your kids listen to a video introduction from Santa and then place one of their fingers on the touchscreen, which then scans it and produces a verdict, telling your child via colourful special effects that they’re either ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’. 

Yasa Pets Christmas
Combining cats and Christmas is cuteness overload. This delightful app is a digital dollhouse that allows players to tap and explore as the cat family on screen celebrates Christmas Day. You can open presents, dress the cats up, set the table for dinner and lots more. It’s an ideal option for young kids and cat lovers looking to relax with a Christmassy app.