Apps Review - February 2020

by BTM

Sat, 01 February 2020

bahrain mobile apps review 2020

APP: DreamLab
A fantastic app for a good cause..

bahrain this month app for february 2020What is it? 
DreamLab helps further a cause that’s incredibly important: the search for a cure for cancer. The app supports cancer research by allowing your phone to help conduct the research itself. By harnessing your phone’s processing power to process calculations for a cancer research project, the research is sped up, inching the world closer to a cure and better cancer treatments; and it’s all done while your phone’s charging.

The Good 
Though the app uses your data to complete its tasks, you can control the amount of data DreamLab uses per month by setting a limit in the app’s settings. You can also use the app in your sleep rather than have it running when you need your phone in the day.

The Bad
It has been reported by some users that prolonged use of the app has resulted in their mobile devices overheating a bit and it will inevitably drain the battery fairly quickly if your phone isn’t plugged in.

bahrain best mobile appsApp: Tunity
TUNITY allows you to hear any live muted TV. You simply scan the TV with the camera in the app, and let Tunity do its magic, identify the channel and the exact timing of what you’re watching, and streams the synchronised audio to your headphones or Bluetooth speaker. With the new Quick Tune feature, channels you (or anyone else in that venue) listened to are automatically saved in Quick Tune, so you can listen to it simply by choosing the channel from the Quick Tune list, without the need to rescan.

bahrain latest mobile appsApp: Reverb LP
Reverb LP is a marketplace and discovery platform built around vintage physical music media, specifically vinyl. You can browse, buy and sell thousands of new, used and vintage records, cassettes and CDs right on your phone from the comfort of your desk or couch. You’re probably not going to find one of the 10 most valuable vinyl records of all time in the app without a pretty hefty price tag, but you can use it to help flesh out your essential vinyl collection or sell records of your own.