Apps Review - March 2021

by BTM

Mon, 08 March 2021

Apps Review - March 2021

We keep an eye on some of the most useful apps to keep up with your digital needs

Bahrain best mobile apps reviewSky Weatherman
Sky Weatherman is a weather app that wants to help you plan activities. It shows you a weekly forecast and gives you an idea of what kinds of activities would be good for specific days. There are weather filters that toggle whenever the weather is appropriate. The weather features are super basic, but perfunctory.

Colorize is a photography app which changes black and white images into colour images. You simply scan the photo in or use one from your gallery and the app does the rest. It’s a fairly simple process and you can save or share the touched up photo after it’s done. The app uses an AI algorithm to get everything right. The free version limits the number of photos you can colour but unless you’re converting a ton of them, it’ll suffice.

Listshare is a simple list app. You create lists and share them with your family members. The lists can be anything from to-do lists to grocery lists. The choice is yours. Listshare’s UI is simple, but effective. There are also customisation features to flash it up a bit. It works very well and efficiently, with a bit more personality than other long-standing apps.

AirMusic is a powerful tool for streaming and casting audio to your devices. It boasts support for any music streaming app and support for any receiver with cast capabilities. This includes Apple AirPlay along with the usual suspects like Chromecast. It’s a little weird to use at first but it doesn’t take long to figure out and is the only way to use AirPlay on Android.