Apps Review - May 2021

by BTM

Wed, 05 May 2021

Apps Review - May 2021

Time management, fitness and some quality sleep make a world of difference in our everyday life! Here are some apps that can help you with just that.

Iftt stands for ‘if this, then that’, which allows you to make thousands of commands, also known as ‘recipes’, such as sending you an SMS if it’s about to rain or to automatically post a link to your blog on your Facebook page at any given time. No programming skills are required. While you can create your own commands from scratch using what boils down to a ‘choose from the listed options’ interface, ifttt also lets you browse recipes that other users have created and made public.

There are all sorts of apps and gadgets for monitoring your sleep, but few of them give much feedback on how to actually sleep better. That’s what Shleep is for. When you first start the app, it asks a short series of questions to gauge the general quality and quantity of sleep you’re getting. It will then coach you towards better sleep through short daily videos (or just audio if you prefer), which highlight things that can help and then give you specific things you can try doing – or not doing as the case may be.

If you enjoy running with music, especially new music picked to match your activity, RockMyRun is the app for you. This fitness app plays music and changes the tempo based on your footfalls or heart rate, while also keeping track of your runs. It also lets you set the tempo of a playlist, if you'd rather try to make your feet keep up with the music, and the app comes with a variety of genres.

Rewind - Timetracking
Perfect for data junkies, this app keeps track of where you’ve been and for how long. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend at work or at home? How about at your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, or the gym? With Rewind, you can easily know this information without even thinking about it as it tracks everything in neatly-presented graphs and charts.